Tears of Pride – Poem by Darius Myrick

oeWhat you say could be wrong or right
how i react may not suit your interest
we could one day love each other til the end of time
and the next have this worldly intellect disconnect us from our private society

what you think and i think
will not be thoughts from one mind
and my anger my bring you happiness
while your sadness brings me satisfaction
we will never be on the same page
we are two difference of the similarity
i may write to hide the pain
you may talk softly to prevent your inner shell from breaking in public eyes
i will shed tears and break my heart emotionally
you will sit there and feel no accomplishment for the future
but as we think, say and do things that may bring emotional breakdown,
do it with pride, share your truth faithfully
cry with pride and move to the next day
Because as long as we listen
as long as our truths are told
no matter the effect, or the hurtful boldness of the reality
the respect will never change and the love
will never die.
lead us to success
even it hurts the most…
do it with tears, pain and suffering
but do it with pride….


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