The Remnants Of My Tears — Poem by Wendell Brown

My tears were hidden on my face
As a shower fell from the skies above
Darkness did now fill my life
As I frantically searched for those I love

My life is now so very different
Should I embrace the gift that I now have
For it comes with so much sadness
I wonder why I am not also dead

The smell of death surrounds me
Yet grateful faces do I now see
For every time I saw one who fell
The living again make me believe

That there is a bright future for all of us
Amid prayers for love ones who left
That we can rise above this crisis
With new life blossoming from their deaths

I will never truly be the same again
Not with the pain that my heart now bleeds
So I now push on forward with my life
For my loves ones who passed on to see

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