Wish for the New Year – Poem by Yvor Stoakley

Another year has come and gone and a new one just begun.
We completed another circuit around our brilliant Sun.
As we reflect on how we fared this year,
Let’s also pause to consider what each of our relationships to us mean.

There are people that we value for their wisdom and insight,
And others who will stand by us in any righteous fight.
There are those we know through love, through friendship, and through tears,
And those with whom we work or worship or were classmates through the years.

With some we are bound together by a treaty or compact,
With others there’s a common thread in how we choose to act.
Still with others we share values or perhaps a common frame of mind,
And there are those whom we may counsel, or who counsel us in kind.

And, of course we have relationships linked by DNA
That connect us to those long passed and some that live today,
That constitute a human family marvelously varied and diverse,
Settled in every climate and every corner of the earth.

So, as you embark upon this new year dubbed two-thousand and nineteen,
I wish you health and happiness and fulfillment of all that you may dream.
May we make significant progress in our quest for peace and unity,
And may I grow closer to you this year, and you grow closer to me.

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