Work My Sister Poem

Work My Sister – Poem by Lydia Taylor

The trumpet sounds a piercing blast
Yes, I hear it, it drowns out the past

Some may complain of ringing in their ears
And cannot wait until it clears

Still others hear it and unfortunately deny
That they have been chosen to reach for the sky

To others the message is quite clear
For they have been asking, why am I here?

A clarion call is what’s being heard
It is without an uttered word

This call is for women to arise and serve
This call is to those who possess great nerve

Recognize what’s happening to you
Acknowledge your gifts and the good you will do

Only you can figure that out
If you’re hearing the trumpet, there will soon be no doubt

There is a responsibility to succeed
Humanity is waiting and somewhere there is a need

Be a resource to those who come your way
This is something you can do today

Press forward into what you are called to achieve
The fundamental requirement is that you believe

By now you may be asking, what will be my reward
Behold, that is a question answered by the Lord

It is written, ‘give and it shall be given unto you’ (Luke 6:38, NIV)
The response is to work my Sister, until He says you are through

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