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Jonathan R. Miller is a biracial American novelist who writes literary fiction thrillers featuring multicultural characters and themes. In his most recent eBook, Delivery, Miller tells the captivating story of Ambojeem, a biracial immigrant and single parent who thinks he has found the proper place to raise his 15-year old daughter in relatively sleepy Minneapolis, Minnesota – but all is not as it appears.

Talking to Children about Race – By Jonathan Miller

I raised my hand during kindergarten class in 1979 when I was 5-years old and announced that I’m black. I actually got up on my feet to say it. I am black. And then afterward I sat back down again. I don’t remember what we were supposed to be doing at the time.

In and of itself, this announcement wasn’t all that unusual. The teacher was black, and we were sitting on the carpet of a classroom in the Washington DC area, which meant that plenty of the children around me were also black. What I said wasn’t glaringly out of place, if you can forgive the timing of it. The real problem with what I said—and the reason why the children laughed and I was sent to the principal’s office—was that I am not black.

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