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Dr. Zibin Guo: Tai Chi for Wellness

Zbin GuoDr. Zibin Guo: Professor of Medical Anthropology at University of Tennessee Chattanooga.
He specializes in teaching and conducting research in the field of medical anthropology. He employs an applied anthropological approach to study human beliefs and practices related to physical and mental health; and to develop innovative programs to promote populations’ well being in the context of cultural relativism:

• Wheelchair Tai Chi program.
• Bringing Wheelchair Tai Chi Chuan to the Paralympics
• Cross-culture dementia research
• Asian Americans’ health cultural adaptation in the United States.

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Laverne McKinnon: Managing Stress

Dealing with Stress & Anxiety During the Holidays and Every Day

Laverne McKinnon

Laverne’s mission is to help people manage stress & anxiety and cross their finish lines. She is a champion of underdog and underserved stories, and the people behind them. As a film and television producer, a leadership and personal coach, a certified grief counselor, and a professor at Northwestern’s MS Leadership for Creative Enterprises program, Laverne is dedicated to showing us how to find and use values to overcome stress and live a fulfilling life. See  her website for more information:

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Selene Calloni Williams: Ancient Traditions for Modern Living

With a degree in psychology and master’s in screen writing, Selene Calloni Williams has authored several International best-selling books and documentaries. Her focus is on psychology, deep ecology, shamanism, yoga, philosophy, and anthropology. As a direct student of James Hillman, she studied and practiced Buddhist meditation in the hermitages of the forests of Sri Lanka, and is an initiate of Shamanic Tantric Yoga. She is the founder and the director of the Imaginal Academy Institute Switzerland.

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Be Healthy! – Interview with Alicia Mitchell

Think Healthy. Live Healthy. Be Healthy.

Alicia Mitchell, owner of The Smoothie Patch in Oak Ridge, TN, is helping communities understand how eating real food can by healthy: restore and maintain health.
Over the last 5 decades, Americans have had ill-fated food options that have become sources for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and non-alcoholic Fatty Liver disease (NASH), to name a few.

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