UNTOLD Stories of a World War II Liberator


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As antisemitism and Holocaust denial grow world-wide, it’s vital to hear these first-hand stories of WW II and the Holocaust. Deborah Levine, daughter of a World War II military intelligence officer, has created this documentary as a tool for counteracting hate and for Holocaust education. Her father, Aaron Levine was a ” Ritchie Boy” trained at Fort Ritchie, the U.S. secret military intelligence camp focused on training men, often Jewish immigrants who spoke German, to interrogate Nazi prisoners of war.

Hear the wartime perspective of Aaron Levine as he liberated death camps, served as a spy, and wrote letters about his experience. Be inspired by the love letters of Estelle Swig Malloy, a Special Education pioneer whom Aaron married after they graduated from Harvard. Then hear the memoirs of Polish Holocaust Survivor, Leon Weisband who documented the Nazi invasion of his hometown.

“No student of history can come away from this without a deeper understanding of the sacrifices that were made to end the Holocaust and of the power of storytelling to heal the human heart.”
~ Dylan Kussman, Hollywood actor/producer

From her roots in the only Jewish family to have lived in Bermuda for 4 generations, to her role as a Forbes Diversity & Inclusion Trailblazer, Deborah has been dedicated to “Tikkun olam”, Hebrew for “repair of the world”. This latest project is decades in the making, and is broadcast by Jewish Life TV

It’s a Winner in 12 International film festivals: 1) Lily Indie Film Fest, 2) 4theatre selection, 3) NYC Independent Film Festival (11th season), 4) Red Moon Festival (8th season), 5) Spring Time International, 6) Bright International, 7)  Dreamz Catcher International, 8) Indie Cine Tube Awards, 9) Lightbox International, 10) Crown International, 11) Delta International, 12) EdiPlay International.

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  1. My father was also at the liberation of Nordhausen and wrote of it to my mother, sending 5 photographs as witness. I have posted them within a blog of all 700+ of his letters, giving Nordhausen a singular page. A 30-yr old Jewish physician, he led the medical detachment for a mobile anti-aircraft battalion that traveled 1400 miles across the continent, from D-Day plus 6. Fluent in German and French, he had been asked to provide medical care to the “Ritchie Boys”, though that term was not used in a letter in August of 1943. Having just met my mother, he chose to forgo the added danger of early infiltration and remained where he was on Cape Cod, until mobilized in November and sent to England.

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