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Tulika Mehrotra Podcast: Gen Z in the Workplace

Tulika Tulika Mehrotra is a Chicago-based branding and communications expert. She has over 15 years of experience in various sectors and organizations including start-ups with brand building, digital marketing, and communication. Tulika began with Peterson Technology Partners in 2018 as a consultant, leading brand marketing, communication, and digital strategy efforts across the organization. In 2021 she was promoted as PTP’s first Chief Digital Officer in ’ 25-year history.
Hear Tulika discuss…
  1. What strategies can be applied to appeal to Gen Z?
  2. What is the impact a diverse workforce has on a company’s bottom line?
  3. Why does Gen Z care so much about DEI?
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not just a buzzword. It is imperative DEI is a top priority of companies if they want to attract top talent as Gen Z, the most diverse generation in American history, continues to enter the workforce. Companies must show their commitment to DEI rather than just telling.

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Jim Fielding Podcast: Storytelling for Change

Jim Fielding Jim Fielding is President of Archer Gray’s Co-Lab Division. He is a respected leader in brand strategy, consumer products and experiences, and storytelling.

As author of All Pride, No Ego (Wiley, August, 2023), he is committed to safe and authentic spaces for all individuals.


Having led consumer products groups at the world’s largest media companies, including Disney, Dreamworks, and Twentieth Century Fox, Jim has built diverse cultures and visionary teams that excelled in competitive global markets.

Hear Jim answer these vital questions: 

1. With today’s challenges to basic human rights, how can we use our voice and story to create change?
2. How can storytelling assist leaders striving to build a more inclusive, high-performance culture?
3.  What should young people know today how to “Control the Controllable” and why is it so important to leave space for the possible?

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Calvin Hosey Podcast: DEI in Tech

DEI in tech Calvin Hosey is Head of Operations and Payment Partnership at Regpack, a software leader in automation of billing and other business processes. As a Black tech executive who climbed the corporate ladder for the last 20 years, Calvin has a breadth of knowledge to share with other people of color looking for insight into career development and execs wanting to navigate DEI in tech.

Regpack is proud of its diverse employee base including 64% female employees and 28% Jewish. They are a great example of embracing diversity and encouraging people to celebrate their differences in and out of the office.

Hear Calvin discuss:
  • How he got started in tech and what has inspired him throughout his career.
  • How diversity on his team helps Regpack problem-solve.
  • Why it’s important to put more diverse tech leaders on the world stage/in the media to inspire young people to get into STEM careers.
  • How technology is helping provide more opportunities to groups who previously were left out.
  • His advice for people of color considering tech jobs.

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Daphne Jones Podcast: Win When They Say You Won’t

Daphne Jones Daphne Jones serves on the Boards of three public companies—AMN Healthcare, the Barnes Group, and Masonite International—where she offers critical business savvy, cyber security expertise, and digital insights. Previously, she enjoyed a 30+-year corporate career at some of the world’s most recognizable companies, such as GE, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Hospira (now Pfizer).
Daphne has presented strategies to CEOs, boards of directors, and corporate officers, led global teams, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars of value. At GE Healthcare, she became the highest-ranking African American woman in GE IT. She was the first woman and person of color to report to the Chairman of the Board and CEO, shattering the glass ceiling at Hospira.

Daphne Jones

Daphne shares her insights and experiences in her book, “Win When They Say You Won’t,” launching in Fall 2022 from McGraw-Hill. It equips  women leaders to take ownership of their careers and overcome critics to win.

Questions Daphne Jones will answer:

  • When you started your career as a secretary, did you ever imagine that you would someday become a CIO and a board member at major global companies?
  • Why did you title your book Win When They Say You Won’t?
  • What was the hardest part of rising up the ladder as a black woman in STEM.

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Ash Beckham Podcast: Breaking Through Barriers

leadership educatorAsh Beckham is an inclusion activist, inclusive leadership expert, professional trainer, workshop facilitator, motivational speaker, business leader and author of Step Up: How to Live with Courage and Become an Everyday Leader.  Known for her unique voice, intrepid, relatable and intrinsically comic style, and powerful guidance, her TEDx Talk “Coming Out of Your Closet” became a fast viral sensation.

A popular speaker and leadership educator, she frequently addresses topics including embracing a different vision of leadership to create change in our workplaces, schools, places of worship, communities and more.  Ash has presented keynotes and workshops for more than 200 corporate, government and collegiate events and conferences including The Boeing Company, Bank of America, Microsoft, the Out and Equal Summit.  For more information, see her website.

leadership Hear Ash discuss…

  • What role does empathy play in inclusion?
  • Where do we educate ourselves about inclusion and engage more in inclusive leadership?
  •  What does allyship actually look like and how do allies engage inclusively?

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Everett Harper Podcast: DEI Decision Making

DEI Decision Making Everett Harper is an entrepreneur, strategist, and the CEO and Co-Founder of Truss, a technology infrastructure company.  In his new book, “Move to the Edge, Declare it Center,” Harper shares effective methods for decision making in situations where there may be a lack of complete information, ways to sustain teams during uncertain and stressful periods, and effective techniques for managing personal anxiety—a crucial leadership skill.
Hear Everett discuss:

  1. Does being a Black CEO influence how you lead, solve problems and build teams?
  2. Why is diversity, equity and inclusion important for companies?
  3. Advice  to companies that aren’t currently diverse, but want to start addressing the issue?
  4. How to create measurable and sustainable diversity, equity and inclusion processes – and how companies can begin to adopt them to achieve their business goals.
  5. Navigating tragedy and the unknown, and how leaders can apply these life lessons to their organizations.

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DEI and ERGJoe Santana is Chairman of the CDO PowerCircle and the creator and host of the ERG PowerTalk podcast. The CDO PowerCircle is an association of top diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders within highly respected companies that collectively generate nearly three-quarters of a trillion dollars in annual revenue and employ almost one million people. Joe, a former line executive and diversity officer, is a published author and futurist whose mission is to develop DEI leaders at all levels for success in our new, highly disruptive world.

DEI and ERGHis latest book is The New DEI and ERG Frontier: How You and Your Efforts Can Rise and Thrive in the New World of Constant Disruption! In this book, Joe teaches DEI and ERG leaders how to produce workforce, workplace, and marketplace equity and inclusion in the constantly evolving and disruptive age of AI, robots, a non-employee workforce, and multiverses.

Hear Joe discuss…

  • Why DEI leaders seeking to create more inclusive cultures today need to think like a futurist
  • Why creating an equitable and inclusive workplace today demands attention to all aspects of the new 4-dimensional workplace (not just hybrid)
  • Why DEI leaders at all levels need to get involved in shaping and governing artificial intelligence


DEEPA PURUSHOTHAMAN Podcast: Women of Color at Work

DeepaThe First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America

DEEPA PURUSHOTHAMAN is the co-founder of nFormation which provides brave, safe, new space for professional women of color. She is also a Women and Public Policy Program Leader in Practice at the Harvard Kennedy School. Prior to this, Deepa spent more than twenty years at Deloitte and was the first Indian American woman to make partner in the company’s history.

Deepa is the author of The First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America.  She writes about how the structure of corporate America was not built for Women of Color. Hear her discuss how we can begin to reframe the “fit in” and “lean in” mentalities that have left women feeling burnt out or isolated in the workplace.

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Christopher Johnson Christopher Johnson is the President of Global Financial Services at Pitney Bowes, where he manages the financing and lending businesses, as well as the consumer and merchant payments and risk management functions across the company. Christopher also holds leadership responsibility for Pitney Bowes Bank, a state chartered industrial loan company.

Diversity in a predominately white industry like finance continues to be important. Now is the time to make changes to ensure inclusion in the future. Main Street is going to be hit the hardest in the post-pandemic world as interest rates increase and buyers demand doesn’t meet pre-COVID levels. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur having a hard time getting a loan from your bank, there are alternative routes to financing your business.

Hear Christopher discuss the important trends he sees in the small business lending space , particularly for diverse people. And take advantage of his advice  for someone looking to follow in his footsteps.


Sedruola Maruska Podcast: Social Justice

Social JusticeSedruola Maruska is an  Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice consultant focused on tapping into the power of individuals to transform companies and industries. Her areas of special interest include: Race & Ethnicity , Gender & Orientation, and Disability.

Hear the discussion:

1) That equity and inclusion need more focus than diversity
2) That individually we have the means to make a difference
3) Social justice is everyone’s problem not just the problem of a handful of people

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