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The Bridge contributes to the beauty of the world by upholding women’s values and high standards in diverse life situations. The Bridge is an extension of our communities and well-informed circle of friends and addresses long-standing issues of the glass ceiling, harassment, condescension, inequality, and life-work balance. 

Originally a professional educator from Ukraine, Fiona  Citkin is among the successful women immigrants to the US. She  came to America as a Fulbright Scholar studying languages and cultures. She holds 2 doctorates, speaks 3 languages, and has published several books,  including the award-winning  Transformational Diversity. Fiona is Managing Director of Expert MS Inc. How They Made It in America – she interviewed 100 immigrant women and profiled 18 of them in this book.

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1. American English with an Accent

The USA is a country with more than 50 basic accents spoken nationwide, the “sexiest” being the Bostonian, New York, and Texan ones. Plus, there is a plethora of foreign accents at diverse immigrant communities. Research shows that some employers discriminate based on accent variation. However, people on the East and West Coasts – and especially in the liberal Silicon Valley – are typically more tolerant with respect to accents. As America becomes more and more diverse, you may come and see for yourself that it is your expertise that counts, while accents are irrelevant in many professions.

2. Pandemic Rooted Domestic Violence

With half of the world’s population under pandemic lockdown, cases of domestic violence have been increasing – both in the USA and around the globe. Clearly, self-isolation coupled with financial troubles provokes aggression in some abusive types—and women must bear the burden of it, including severe beatings. We explore how to better counteract violence against women, worldwide and in the US.

3. Being an Inclusive Leader in High-Tech America.

An engaging, rich-in-content interview with one of the most prominent women in high-tech America, former SVP and Head of Eriksson Silicon Valley. It is about women’s positioning in high-tech companies; inclusive leadership and global mindset; and upping creativity worldwide. Maya Strelar-Migotti also explains her role as CEO of 4PIA, a political-prediction Artificial Intelligence company, as well as investing in women-entrepreneurs and participating in thought leadership processes in Silicon Valley.

4. From Fearful to Fearless in the US

Success story of Veronica Montes from Mexico is nothing short of a breakthrough. She started in the US from scratch, as a daughter of a divorced immigrant mother – and moved up with PH.D. in Sociology, publications in prestigious journals on gender issues, and professorship at the upscale College in PA. Her journey of a fearful girl turning into a fearless personality and confident academic adds to a triumph of American University education system.

5. Can-Do Success in American Academia

Dr. Helen Schneider speaks about enablers of academic success in the US. Learn what they do at the University of TX in Austin to ensure safety during pandemic times, without sacrificing the quality of teaching. The host Fiona Citkin and her guest Helen Schneider also discuss the cultural characteristics of Ukraine as compared with the US. Helen Schneider shares advice which will help the viewers in many life-work situations when advancing in academia.


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