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Bunny Bear Adventures: Video Stories and Resources- by Deborah Levine

Bunny Bear Adventure in Diversity Land is an international film festival Winner for its use of the science of storytelling to make you laugh and make you sigh!
Bun Kids watch
Hear storyteller, speaker and award-winning author Deborah Levine share true stories about trying to fit in and  being the different one. The stories are a big hit with ages 6-11. Parents and teachers use Adventures in Diversity Land to build social and emotional awareness, learn empathy, appreciate differences and show respect.

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“These entertaining and instructive stories help facilitate dialogue about difficult subjects like bullying, race, identity, and discrimination.”
~ Kim Wayans: In Living Color Hollywood actress & writer

Sharing Deborah Levine’s ‘Bunny Bear’ story with my daughters brought about a heartwarming experience that bridged generations. As my daughters, aged 9 and 7, listened with wide-eyed wonder, I found myself just as captivated by the tale. Deborah’s storytelling masterfully intertwines empathy, openness, and inclusion, creating a platform for us to explore these concepts together.”
~ Dr.  Anjam Chaudhary: DEI Program Coordinator, Michigan State U.

“I would highly recommend these stories to any child who is the new child on the block.  Deborah makes one feel that anything is possible in a new situation.  And her voice would make any child feel as if you are talking to just her/him.”
~ Mary Jane McKinsey: grandmother & teacher

“I grew up with Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood — your voice and storytelling cadence took me back to being a child and hanging on his every word. Adults talking to children in a way that shows them they are respected, valued, encourages them to use their imagination, think for and love themselves AND to value and respect others ❤️ we need more of that!”
~ Katie Hall: community activist

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candle lighting
Click STORY #1
Moving and Making My Peace:
How the Bermuda Girl Found Sabbath Peace and Decided to Stay

Statue of Liberty
Click STORY #2
Finding My Name in America:
How the New Kid Earned Her Name and Found her Place

Click STORY #3
Who is Really Disabled?
How an Older Sister Got the Gift of Courage

be fair

Click STORY #4
Never Too Young to be Fair:

How a Little Girl Learned to Have Respect and Pass the Lesson Along

pink tulip dancer

  Click STORY #5
The Dancer Got More than She Bargained for: How the Dancing Pink Tulip Learned that it’s Better to Give than Be a Star

RESOURCES! (scroll down for Special Offer)

#1 BUNNY BEAR Teaching Guide

Teaching Guide cover imageThis guide uses the science of storytelling to teach social and emotional awareness. Given the growing need to teach respect and inclusion in our communities and schools, the Bunny Bear Teaching Guide provides a creative and personal approach to laying the groundwork for positive and productive human interaction.

USA Postage $3.50

#2 BUNNY BEAR Adventures:

Bun Coloring book coverThis coloring book for ages 6-11 is not only engaging and fun, but includes discussion questions that help build critical thinking skills, enhance social and emotional awareness, increase empathy, appreciate differences and show respect.
(Note: older kids and adults will also enjoy Bunny Bear)

USA Postage $3.50

Adventures in Diversity LandSPECIAL OFFER!

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You can hear Bunny Bear discussed on the Downtown radio show (owned by Stephen King). And on Channel 3 Chattanooga 

UNTOLD Stories of a World War II Liberator


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As antisemitism and Holocaust denial grow world-wide, it’s vital to hear these first-hand stories of WW II and the Holocaust. Deborah Levine, daughter of a World War II military intelligence officer, has created this documentary as a tool for counteracting hate and for Holocaust education. Her father, Aaron Levine was a ” Ritchie Boy” trained at Fort Ritchie, the U.S. secret military intelligence camp focused on training men, often Jewish immigrants who spoke German, to interrogate Nazi prisoners of war.

Hear the wartime perspective of Aaron Levine as he liberated death camps, served as a spy, and wrote letters about his experience. Be inspired by the love letters of Estelle Swig Malloy, a Special Education pioneer whom Aaron married after they graduated from Harvard. Then hear the memoirs of Polish Holocaust Survivor, Leon Weisband who documented the Nazi invasion of his hometown.

“No student of history can come away from this without a deeper understanding of the sacrifices that were made to end the Holocaust and of the power of storytelling to heal the human heart.”
~ Dylan Kussman, Hollywood actor/producer

From her roots in the only Jewish family to have lived in Bermuda for 4 generations, to her role as a Forbes Diversity & Inclusion Trailblazer, Deborah has been dedicated to “Tikkun olam”, Hebrew for “repair of the world”. This latest project is decades in the making, and is broadcast by Jewish Life TV

It’s a Winner in 12 International film festivals: 1) Lily Indie Film Fest, 2) 4theatre selection, 3) NYC Independent Film Festival (11th season), 4) Red Moon Festival (8th season), 5) Spring Time International, 6) Bright International, 7)  Dreamz Catcher International, 8) Indie Cine Tube Awards, 9) Lightbox International, 10) Crown International, 11) Delta International, 12) EdiPlay International.

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TV Pilot Script: The Liberator’s Daughter


A World War II Liberator’s daughter honors his legacy by battling disabilities, discrimination, and hate in her journey from being homeless to repairing our broken world.
6-part TV Series
(c) 2022…Deborah Levine Enterprises LLC

The Liberator’s Daughter has 29 WINNER AWARDS at international film festivals including:
1) WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, 2) Hollywood Blvd Film Festival, 3) Cineplay International, 4) Dallas Shorts, 5) Indiefare International, 6) Airflix Film, 7) Multi Dimension International, 8) Bright International, 9) EdiPlay International, 10) Magic Silver Screen Festival, 11) Medusa Film Festival, 12) Movie Play International, 13) Red Moon Film Festival, 14) Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival, 15) Cult Movies Festival, 16) Crown International, 17) Swedish International, 18) NYC International Film Festival, 19) London New Wave Cinema Awards, 20 & 21) Indie Cine Tube Awards, 22) 4th Dimension Independent film Festival, 23) Cooper Awards, 24) Tokyo Shorts, 25) 8 & Halfilm Awards, 26) New York Neorealism  Film Awards, 27) Golden Giraffe International film Festival, 28) Liber Films International film Festival, 28) Cooper Awards, 29) ASAA Abdolrahman Sarraei Academic Awards
– Also – Finalist at 1) Delta International, 2) Filmfest International, 3) Blackboard International. Semi-Finalist in 12 film festivals + Honorable Mention at 1) Critic’s Choice International, 2) The Filmmaker’s Space Film Festival, 3) Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival

Pilot Summary: ADRIFT Part A

This story of overcoming adversity features a young woman adrift in New York City. She experiences hate and bullying like so many immigrants and wants to return home to Bermuda. Her father, a World War II military intelligence officer, wants the family to experience a Jewish community. Although her fragile health is at risk in America, Deborah uses her genius IQ to attend Radcliffe/Harvard University. Always outspoken, she challenges the university’s status quo while pursuing studies at Harvard Divinity School and in Folklore and Mythology.
Midway through college, she returns home, her body racked with mysterious inflammation. Like so many young women suffering similarly, Deborah is told it’s all in her head and is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Determination drives her back to Harvard, but insufficiently recovered, she again goes home, completing her degree in NYC.
Deborah’s parents are disappointed and insist that she not be a financial burden. Pressured to quickly get a job after graduation, she becomes a file clerk in Manhattan’s Garment District. Experiencing sexual harassment, she joins the first Women’s Liberation March and reconnects with girl friends.
When Deborah finally gets promoted to secretary,  her parents relocate to Cincinnati for her father’s job. With no resources of her own, she has to leave with her parents for an unknown future in the Midwest. Discouraged, she almost gives up. But inspired by her friends, she prays for the strength that her father had in the war and aims for a future of fame and power.

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