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Bunny Bear Adventures in Diversity Land – by Deborah Levine

Adventure’s in Diversity Land will make you laugh and make you sigh!
Join storyteller, speaker and award-winning author Deborah Levine as she shares true stories about trying to fit in and  being the different one. The stories are a big hit with ages 12 and younger. Adults will laugh and sigh along with them. Trainers and teachers have used Adventures in Diversity Land to build cultural competency.

These entertaining and instructive stories help facilitate dialogue about difficult subjects like bullying, race, identity, and discrimination.”
~ Kim Wayans, In Living Color actress & writer

CLICK  below to see the Introduction video 

Here are the 5 stories of Bunny Bear. There is great interest in them and you can hear Bunny Bear discussed on the Downtown radio show (owned by Stephen King).
We are in the process of making each one into a classroom video accompanied by a curriculum guide and a coloring book.  Stay tuned!

Story #1 – Moving and Making My Peace: How the Bermuda Girl Found Sabbath Peace and Decided to Stay

Story #2 – Finding My Name in America: How the New Kid Earned Her Name and Found her Place

Story #3 – Who is Really Disabled? How an Older Sister Got the Gift of Courage

Story #4 – Never Too Young to be Fair: How a Little Girl Learned to Have Respect and Pass the Lesson Along

Story #5 – The Dancer Got More than She Bargained for: How the Dancing Pink Tulip Learned that it’s Better to Give than Be a Star


I loved the intro video. I grew up with Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood — your voice and storytelling cadence took me back to being a child and hanging on his every word. Adults talking to children in a way that shows them they are respected, valued, encourages them to use their imagination, think for and love themselves AND to value and respect others ❤️ we need more of that!
~ Kate Hall

“I so much enjoyed listening to Adventures in Diversity Land. I think that if I were a young child who has just moved to a new country, I would love to hear the adventures and the difficulties and the homesickness and the fun of a person like Deborah Levine. Her experiences in moving to the United States from Bermuda are so heartwarming and sad and happy, all in one little girl’s life.”

“I would highly recommend your CD to any child who is the new child on the block.  Deborah makes one feel that anything is possible in a new situation.  And her voice would make any child feel as if you are talking to just him.”
~ Mary Jane McKinsey, grandmother & teacher

Interview with Kim Wayans: Comedian & Advocate – by Deborah Levine

Diversity Stories CD for Kids

Kim is a key member of the Wayans clan that created TV’s In Living Color. The ten Wayans siblings grew up poor in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. Elvira, Kim’s mother, was a homemaker and social worker who took the kids everywhere, no nannies, and no babysitter. Their father was a supermarket manager and the Jehovah’s Witness in the family. With no background in the entertainment business and little money, the Wayans’ success is an unlikely story.

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