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Jim Fielding Podcast: Storytelling for Change

Jim Fielding Jim Fielding is President of Archer Gray’s Co-Lab Division. He is a respected leader in brand strategy, consumer products and experiences, and storytelling.

As author of All Pride, No Ego (Wiley, August, 2023), he is committed to safe and authentic spaces for all individuals.


Having led consumer products groups at the world’s largest media companies, including Disney, Dreamworks, and Twentieth Century Fox, Jim has built diverse cultures and visionary teams that excelled in competitive global markets.

Hear Jim answer these vital questions: 

1. With today’s challenges to basic human rights, how can we use our voice and story to create change?
2. How can storytelling assist leaders striving to build a more inclusive, high-performance culture?
3.  What should young people know today how to “Control the Controllable” and why is it so important to leave space for the possible?

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Richard Humann Podcast: Neo-conceptual Artist

Richard Humann Richard Humann is a Brooklyn-based neo-conceptual artist with innumerable international gallery and museum exhibitions, including: the Kemi Art Museum, the Tampere Art Museum, the Tornio Art Museum, the San Cristóbal Art Museum, the Daelim Art Museum, Macao Art Museum, the Kaohsiung Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Ssamzie Space, and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art.  Humann was born and raised in the Lower Hudson Valley region of New York State. He divides his time between Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY.

Hear Richard discuss…
1. Moving to Brooklyn in the mid 1980’s from upstate New York – How has the art scene changed in all those years?

2. His work is displayed now on an international stage. How did this transformation happen?

3. What direction is his art now taking especially given the changing art world due to technological advances?

4. What is the place of art in today’s society and how is he viewing his legacy?

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Calvin Hosey Podcast: DEI in Tech

DEI in tech Calvin Hosey is Head of Operations and Payment Partnership at Regpack, a software leader in automation of billing and other business processes. As a Black tech executive who climbed the corporate ladder for the last 20 years, Calvin has a breadth of knowledge to share with other people of color looking for insight into career development and execs wanting to navigate DEI in tech.

Regpack is proud of its diverse employee base including 64% female employees and 28% Jewish. They are a great example of embracing diversity and encouraging people to celebrate their differences in and out of the office.

Hear Calvin discuss:
  • How he got started in tech and what has inspired him throughout his career.
  • How diversity on his team helps Regpack problem-solve.
  • Why it’s important to put more diverse tech leaders on the world stage/in the media to inspire young people to get into STEM careers.
  • How technology is helping provide more opportunities to groups who previously were left out.
  • His advice for people of color considering tech jobs.

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Alan Chapell Podcast: Lyrics of the World

Alan Chapell Alan Chapell is an attorney, singer, songwriter and bandleader. Based in NYC, Chapell tours the world. He is influenced heavily by 80s and 90s music – but his lyrics reflect the world around him.

Hear Alan talk about…
1. His career as an attorney and what drove him to become a singer, songwriter and bandleader.
2. What he learned from touring the world and how that’s shared in his music.
3. His future plans for his music and what audiences he plans to impact.
4. What are the takeaways from his journey that will inspire others, especially young people, to follow their dreams.

Hear Alan’s music at ThisIsChapell.com


Matsumoto Podcast: Japanese Americans in World War II

Constance Hayes Matsumoto and Kent Matsumoto authored “Of White Ashes” which is based on the true story of their Japanese American family during World War II. Constance is a former corporate and interior design devotee who embraced the art of creative writing. Inspired by Shakespeare’s “What’s past is prologue,” her writing is intended to influence positive change in our world. Kent, a third-generation Japanese American, was born in Virginia and spent his formative years living in Japan where he attended the American School. Together they empty-nest in Delaware and will make the Japanese American Memorial Pilgrimage.
MatsumotosHear them discuss:
1. The inspiration for “Of White Ashes”.
2. Their decision to co-author “Of White Ashes”.
3. What readers can take away from “Of White Ashes”.

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Dirty Dancing Composers Podcast: Creating Iconic Music

Dirty Dancing
From left to right: John DeNicola, Jennifer Grey, Don Markowitz, Patrick Swayze, Franke Previte

The Dirty Dancing movie starring Patrick Swayze came out in 1987. Its soundtrack spent 18 weeks at #1 on the Billboard 200 album sales chart and 230 weeks in the Top 30. With an astonishing 55 million in sales worldwide, the Dirty Dancing original soundtrack is one of the greatest selling soundtracks of all time.

This podcast features the composers of the movie’s iconic songs John DeNicola, Franke Previte, and Stacy Widelitz. You will be inspired by their work and careers.

JohnJohn DeNicola  is an Academy & Golden Globe Award winning singer/songwriter co-wrote the 2 iconic songs  “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” + “Hungry Eyes”. In the last few years John has released 2 solo albums. He also discovered MAROON 5, a pop rock band whose lead vocalist is Adam Levine.

Franke is also an Academy & Golden Globe Award winning singer/songwriter who co-wrote the 2 iconic songs  “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” and “Hungry Eyes”. Franke also had hits with Franke & The Knockouts …and co-wrote songs with Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac & many others who are well known in the music industry.

StacyStacy Widelitz is a multi-platinum songwriter and photographer who co-wrote “She’s Like The Wind”  with his late friend Patrick Swayze, the star of Dirty Dancing.  The award-winning song has played on US radio 4 million times. Stacy has also scored features, made-for-TV movies, written the end-title song for Disney’s Pocahontas II, and was nominated for an Emmy for ABC’s World of Discovery.

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Joseph James Podcast: Mainstream Musical Journey

Joseph JamesJoseph James is an award-winning mainstream singer-song writer/ producer from New York, and the founder of AP Music Group. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Joseph has performed, produced and toured with major acts all over the world. Some notable acts include Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) and Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple).

“Valentine” is Joseph’s debut single released worldwide in January, 2023, followed by 10 more powerhouse tracks on his debut album, ’55.’ With Joseph’s record label, studio and performance experience, Joseph is setting out to be the next big act in the mainstream commercial music business in 2023.

Hear Joseph talk about his experiences of working with SuperStars:

  • Fun / wild experiences of being on the road with Richie Blackmore
  • How he met Lady Gaga
  • Working with Dolly Parton
  • His decision on finally releasing his first solo album

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Patrick Donaldson & Kimberly Rollins Podcast: Good Works in Financing

PrimericaPatrick Donaldson is a church Elder, husband and father. He has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, focusing on retirement benefits and financial literacy. In addition to his Bachelor of Science degree, he has a Masters of Human Resources, holds a Tennessee insurance license and is a FINRA Securities Registered Representative with Primerica Financial Services. He has volunteered his expertise to the Chattanooga community with hands-on education workshops at numerous local churches and recreation centers, as well as actively working with the Citizen Safety Coalition.

PrimericaKimberly Rollins is the wife of Pastor Donald Rollins Sr.  of Chattanooga’s Born Again Christian Church. She worked for 23 years for the City of Chattanooga, acquiring the leadership skills that she taught co-workers and the women of her church. Then 7 years ago, she expanded her calling to help others by working in finance, helping as many people possible to accomplish their goals and dreams with the knowledge that she’s acquired over the years.

. What Financial Concepts do you teach?

2. What is your passion & motivations?

3. What do you do for fun?

We don’t always have the time we think we have (I have a personal story) 2 Get your affairs together while you have time
Name 3 issues that the audience should continue to discuss.  1. Transparency about where they are emotionally, spiritually, and financially. 2. What small consistent changes are they willing to make to be better? 3. Take the time and care to prepare for the inevitable.

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Jacqueline Schwab Podcast: Music and Culture

Schwab Pianist Jacqueline Schwab spins musical stories out of the myriad strands in the American quilt and with community music making at their heart. Her signature playing features in over a dozen of Ken Burns’ documentaries, including his Grammy-winning Civil War, as well as in The Irish in America and other PBS documentaries. She has performed at the White House for President Clinton, on PBS with the American Pops Orchestra and in almost every state of the Union. Her latest album I Lift My Lamp—Illuminations from Immigrant America celebrates music from American immigrants. Jacqueline Schwab grew up in Pittsburgh and has since lived in Boston and on Cape Cod.

Hear Jacqueline talk about musicians who perform music from other cultures and her new album, “I Lift My Lamp.”

Learn how musicians explore with respect music of other cultures, weigh in on the diversity problems confronting the world and promote cross-cultural healing.

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Christopher Johnson Podcast: Financial DEI

Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson is President of Global Financial Services at Pitney Bowes, where he manages the financing and lending businesses, as well as the consumer and merchant payments and risk management functions across the company. Christopher also holds leadership responsibility for Pitney Bowes Bank, a state chartered industrial loan company.

Hear Christopher discuss how this is the time to make changes to ensure inclusion in the future. The pandemic, super high inflation, and high interest rates are changing the dynamics of our economy. Economic prosperity will need leaders committed long term to their communities, customers and employees, including actionable DEI.

  1. Difficulties accessing capital continues to mount for SMBs, but especially with Black and minority owned businesses. How can we make access to capital more equitable? Is this possible to achieve?
  2. How do we use diversity to adjust to the changes in generations currently in the workplace and the growth of small businesses?
  3. How can we begin increasing participation for minorities in industries like financial services? What’s one thing business leaders can implement today?

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