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Calvin Hosey Podcast: DEI in Tech

DEI in tech Calvin Hosey is Head of Operations and Payment Partnership at Regpack, a software leader in automation of billing and other business processes. As a Black tech executive who climbed the corporate ladder for the last 20 years, Calvin has a breadth of knowledge to share with other people of color looking for insight into career development and execs wanting to navigate DEI in tech.

Regpack is proud of its diverse employee base including 64% female employees and 28% Jewish. They are a great example of embracing diversity and encouraging people to celebrate their differences in and out of the office.

Hear Calvin discuss:
  • How he got started in tech and what has inspired him throughout his career.
  • How diversity on his team helps Regpack problem-solve.
  • Why it’s important to put more diverse tech leaders on the world stage/in the media to inspire young people to get into STEM careers.
  • How technology is helping provide more opportunities to groups who previously were left out.
  • His advice for people of color considering tech jobs.

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