Podcast Interview Form

Inspire us with ADR Podcast interviews!

  1. PREPARATION:  5 Minutes before recording on the scheduled date, we’ll discuss the information that you provide in the form below and answer any questions you have.
  2. LENGTH: Podcast interviews are 25-30 minutes.
  3. RECORDING: Zoom interviews pre-recorded & unedited. Each interview has its own ADR page with a URL that can be shared.
  4. FORMAT: Interviews are Audio & Visual unless you specify  Audio only.
  5. CONTENT:  Content will be based on your interview form and will be in a conversation format
  6. CONCLUSION: Towards the end of the podcast, I will ask if there’s anything else you’d like to add. Here is where you can advertise  products/services and provide links for the audience to access. I will thank you and the audience and stop recording. Please stay on the call so that we can debrief for a few minutes.
  7. PROMOTION: Each podcast has its own page/link which can be shared by interviewee and appears in monthly newsletter which has more than 1,300 subscribers. It will also be shared on LinkedIn  (12,500+ connections) and Facebook (1,000 followers)
  8. SCHEDULING: Once your interview form has been received, you will be sent a link to our calendar to choose a date/time to record the interview. You will also be asked to email a headshot as a jpeg attachment. You may attach one additional photo to the headshot.
  9. AVAILABILITY: Podcasts will be published and shared in the next newsletter. You will be added to the email list and automatically receive the announcement with the link to share.

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