Awards – Honors

Many thanks for the 80 awards, honors and recognition given to DEBORAH LEVINE


  1. Forbes Magazine: top Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazer
  2. Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce: Athena Award Finalist
  3. Chattanooga Award Program: Management Consulting Award


  1. Catholic Press Association Award: Book Award  for Teaching Curious Christians about Judaism
  2. Southern Lit Alliance:
    Local Distinguished Author Award
  3. Books for Peace: International Awards. Social Action 2020, Environmentalist 2021
  4. Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Finalist 2017, 2020, 2021


  1. William Andrews Clark Library/UCLA: Research Fellowship
  2. The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives: Research Fellowship
  3. American Planning Association / Chicago: Student of the Year


  1. TN Economic Council on Women: Woman of Excellence Award
  2. 92nd Street Y: Finalist for  Extraordinary Women Awards
  3. Women’s Federation for World Peace: “HerStory” Award
  4. Nations of Women: Connector Award
  5. Girls Inc. of Chattanooga: UnBought and UnBossed Award


Documentary – Untold, Stories of a World War II Liberator:                   .   .      WINNER in 12 International film festivals: 1) Lily Indie Film Fest, 2) 4theatre selection, 3) NYC Independent Film Festival (11th season), 4) Red Moon Festival (8th season), 5) Spring Time International, 6) Bright International, 7)  Dreamz Catcher International, 8) Indie Cine Tube Awards, 9) Lightbox International, 10) Crown International, 11) Delta International, 12) EdiPlay International.

Also – Finalist, Semi-Finalist or Honorable Mention: 1) Delta International, 2) Filmfest International, 3) Blackboard International,  4) Critic’s Choice International, 5) The Filmmaker’s Space Film Festival, 6) Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival, 7) Oakland Film Festival 8) Atlanta Movie Awards, 9) Sacramento Independent Film Festival, 10) Palm Springs International Film Awards,11) Melbourne Independent Film Festival, 12) San Diego International Film Awards, 13) Niagara Falls International Shorts.

TV Pilot Script – The Liberator’s Daughter:
WINNER  in 28 international film festivals: 1) WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, 2) Hollywood Blvd Film Festival, 3) Cineplay International, 4) Dallas Shorts, 5) Indiefare International, 6) Airflix Film, 7) Multi Dimension International, 8) Bright International, 9) EdiPlay International, 10) Magic Silver Screen Festival, 11) Medusa Film Festival, 12) Movie Play International, 13) Red Moon Film Festival, 14) Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival, 15) Cult Movies Festival, 16) Crown International, 17) Swedish International, 18) NYC International Film Festival, 19) London New Wave Cinema Awards, 20 & 21) Indie Cine Tube Awards, 22) 4th Dimension Independent film Festival, 23) Cooper Awards, 24) Tokyo Shorts, 25) 8 & Halfilm Awards, 26) New York Neorealism  Film Awards, 27) Golden Giraffe International film Festival, 28) Liber Films International film Festival

Also – Finalist, Semi-Finalist or Honorable Mention: 1) San Fransisco ArtHouse Short Festival 2) Rio de Janeiro World Film Festival, 3) Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival,  4) New Jersey International Short Festival, 5) Hollywood International Golden Age Film Festival, 6
) New Orleans International Film Festival, 7) Atlanta Movie Awards,  8) Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills, 9) New York International Women Festival, 10) Seattle Filmmakers Award, 11) Rome International Short Festival, 11) Berlin Shorts Festival, 12) Vancouver Independent Filmmaker Award. 



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