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DEBORAH LEVINEDeborah Levine is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report.  Multiple podcasts feature interviews with her about her work.  Interviewing Deborah shares many of these podcasts.

Interview by Hayut Yogev

Deborah Levine is an award-winning author of 14 books and Founder/Editor of the American Diversity Report.  Born in Brooklyn and brought up in Bermuda, her background includes advanced degrees in cultural anthropology, religion, and urban planning. Inspired by her father, a World War II US military intelligence officer assigned to interrogate Nazi prisoners of war, she is a former executive director of Jewish Federations.

Interview by Rabbi Tzvi


Interview by Mary D.Moore

MaryHear the business podcast from Asia, Brainy Biz Waves, hosted by Mary Angela D. Moore as she interviews Deborah Levine, award-winning author, cross-cultural coach, and Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report.

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