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Chattanooga Council Against Hate – Podcasts

The Council Against Hate, created by Chattanooga’s Mayor Andy Berke, is a pilot project serving as a model for other cities. Responding to a terrorist incident in Chattanooga several years ago, the development of the Council with teams that address 1) Public Policy, 2) Media, 3) Education, 4) Business/Employers, 5) Faith & Culture, 6) Students & Youth, and 7) Research/Data/Crime,

These podcasts are in  partnership with the American Diversity Report.  Our common goal is to encourage conversation and collaboration  around the issue of counteracting hate.

Cynthia Deitle: Matthew Shepard Foundation

Devora Fish: Tennessee Holocaust Commission

Christian Picciolini: Free Radicals Project

Bethany Allen Ebrahimian: Axios

Heidi Beirich: Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Judith Clerjune: Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition

Deborah Levine: American Diversity Report

Mayor Bill Peduto: City of Pittsburgh

Kevin Munger: Penn State

Neil Johnson: George Washington University

Geeta Gandbhir: Film maker on “Why We Hate”

Sarah Marquez-Berestecky: Bridge City Community Church

Tim Fitzsimons: NBC Out

Amy Spitalnick: Integrity First For America

Todd Green: Luther College

Daryl Johnson: DT Analytics

Ryan Broderick: Buzzfeed News

Rachel Glickhouse: ProPublica

Allison Padilla-Goodman:


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