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Lindsey Thurman is a digital marketing and communications professional with a focus on global brand management and awareness. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee but works remotely out of Dublin, Ireland at an Irish digital marketing agency. Her specialties include content creation, public relations, and social media management through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Breaking the Chain of Cultural Stereotypes – by Lindsey Thurman

Imagine this, you fly across the country to study Communications and Digital Media in Dublin, Ireland. You travel as a white female, twenty one years old, from the southern state of Tennessee. You are so excited to start this new journey at a University that is known to be welcoming, considering it has more exchange students enrolled than Irish Nationals. The problem occurs after your first day of class, when you were told many times by many different Europeans that Americans are dumb, ignorant, selfish, and know nothing about any place outside of United States. You now reconsider your entire decision on coming to this country.

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