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Dr. Michele Wages is currently an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Med program at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. She has also served in various roles in education for 28 years and has authored the following titles: · Engaging the Hispanic Learner; 10 Strategies in Using Culture to increase Student Achievement · Creating Culturally Responsive Schools, One Classroom at a Time · Culture, Poverty and Education; What’s Happening in Today’s Schools? · Parent Involvement; Collaboration is the Key for Every Child’s Success · No One Left Standing: Will the Rewrite of NCLB be enough? · The Achievement Gap: A Poverty Crisis, Not an Education Crisis

Is it just a Box? – by Michele Wages

Complexity of Diversity

As I rode the elevator, I overheard a conversation between two African American adults.  They were talking about one of their bosses and one said, “People who are not Black do not understand the prejudices and oppression we have gone through.”

As I left the elevator and walked into the doctor’s office, I was handed a clipboard with some required forms I needed to fill out.  One section caught my attention: Race.  It asked me to check a box.  I immediately thought about the conversation I just heard, and looked over my choices, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander.  I then thought about prejudices and oppression for each choice.

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