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ROBYN currently works as the Interfaith Advisor Coordinator for ADR New Beginnings 2020. She's part of its team creating a manual on reducing hate and increasing peace in cities and communities. She also manages Interfaith Professionals on LinkedIn, has written articles for United Religions Initiative, Harmony Interfaith Initiative, The Interfaith Observer, written several books on comparative world religions. and appeared on podcasts for The Voice of Islam and American Diversity Report. Her world religions books have been awarded DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award 2018, given annually by Religion Communicators Council and recognized internationally by The Books For Peace Commission 2019 for distinguished activities of peace and solidarity. Her newest book earned the DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Award of Merit 2019. SRI is also an Interfaith Advisor for ADR New Beginnings. He began published articles when studying at DB Jain College. He was an editor during his post-graduate work at Bhavan’s Rajaji College of Communication and Management, and later, for India's “Gateway” Magazine. Sri authored technical articles while working in Oracle Corporation and taught RDBMS and wrote several books including, Beginners Guide for Story Telling. Sri was adjunct faculty at Eastern State Florida College and a Gayatri Mantra coordinator for World Hindu University.

Pandemic Thoughts – by Robyn Lebron and Sridhar Rangaswamy

Editor’s Note: Two of the Interfaith Advisors of the ADR New Beginnings project offer inspirational words during these difficult times. All of us are praying for the health and well-being of so many and for better times around the planet.

A Light in the Darkness – by Robyn Lebron

Fear of the unknown is very common; something we’ve all experience, I’m sure. I remember when my daughter was leaving a 200-student middle school, and going to a 2,500-student high school. She was terrified that she would be “lost all the time” until I reminded her that her favorite mall was twice that size, and she was never lost there!

The “little child” in us rears it’s head when situations arise that we feel unprepared for. But as we pass through the eye of the storm, something miraculous happens! When human beings are faced with difficult situations, they rise to extraordinary heights! The spirit inside us blossoms and we become the beings we are meant to be. The sight of another person or community in need erases all those childlike fears, and we expose our “superman” uniforms!

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