Bunny Bear Adventures in Diversity Land

Adventures in Diversity Land CD
Diversity Stories CD for Kids

Adventure’s in Diversity Land will make you laugh and make you sigh!  Surprise your youngsters with this audio CD collection of stories you can play in the car, the classroom, and on the computer.  Join story teller, trainer, and award-winning author Deborah Levine as she shares true stories about trying to fit, about being the new kid, the different one. Teach youngsters how to make being different a positive life lesson.

Each of the stories follow the ups and down of trying to fit in and stand out. They teach about overcoming bullying and name calling. The stories explore the diversity of race, language and customs. With laughter and tears, we find courage to stand up for a disabled younger brother.  We learn to appreciate beauty of different faiths and the peace of the Sabbath.

The stories demonstrate valuable life lessons: kindness, patience, courage, sharing and giving. They share a young person’s struggle for self esteem, peace of mind and sense of belonging.  Parents will also enjoy listening to the adventures and can use them to explore life lessons with their children.


Kim Wayans, In Living Color actress & writer

“These entertaining and instructive stories help facilitate dialogue about difficult subjects like bullying, race, identity, and discrimination.”

Mary Jane McKinsey, grandmother & teacher

“I so much enjoyed listening to Adventures in Diversity Land. I think that if I were a young child who has just moved to a new country, I would love to hear the adventures and the difficulties and the homesickness and the fun of a person like Deborah Levine. Her experiences in moving to the United States from Bermuda are so heartwarming and sad and happy, all in one little girl’s life.”

Mary Jane wants you to know, “I would highly recommend your CD to any child who is the new child on the block.  Deborah makes one feel that anything is possible in a new situation.  And her voice would make any child feel as if you are talking to just him.

Adventures in Diversity Land CD
Diversity Stories CD for Kids

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The stories are a big hit with ages 6-11. Adults will find themselves laughing and sighing along with them. Diversity trainers have used the Adventures in Diversity Land CD to coach service providers with  diverse clientele.

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