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When Hate Groups March Down Main Street

hateCHATTANOOGA, TN. – No one should be surprised by the riot at our Capital or by the displays of an Auschwitz hood, nooses, and Confederate flags that accompanied it. As Deborah Levine and Marc Brenman, explain in their timely book, When Hate Groups March Down Main Street, the history leading up to the siege demonstrates that this insurrection has been a long time in the making. And the preparation for this day should have drawn on what could have been easily anticipated.  

The alarming number of extremist groups that led to this insurrection will continue to surge nationwide.  The American Diversity Report is a resource to counteract this hate and reminds the public of the informative and insightful book for citizens, educators, civic leaders and civil rights advocates: When Hate Groups March Down Main Street: Engaging a Community Response.

The 257-page book, published by Roman & Littlefield (R&L), is co-authored by two nationally-recognized experts on cultural diversity, equal opportunity, social justice, civil and human rights: Deborah J. Levine and Marc Brenman.

When Hate Groups March Down Main Street is a comprehensive, authoritative resource guide for communities, organizations, and individuals who are concerned and intimidated by the resurgence of neo-Nazi and extreme right-wing groups in the United States,” says R&L.

The publisher adds: “Communities have often been caught flat-footed when confronting neo-Nazi and far right-wing extremists. This book examines how hate groups act and what motivates them and discusses, using case studies and community resources, how to equip communities to successfully respond to these incursions.”

Among the relevant topics covered by chapter title are: The Local-Global Context; Hate and Neo-Nazis; Hate and White Supremacists; The Hate Message Online; Hate Crime Connection; Corporate and Legal Context; Community Organizing; Recruitment and Radicalization; What Is Our Moral Obligation?; Globalization and Economic Disparities; Bias, Prejudice, and Hate; The Special Responsibility of Schools; Holocaust Education; and, Interfaith Efforts.

Deborah LevineDeborah J. Levine is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online media and training platform American Diversity Report, as well as an award-winning author of 15 books – including The Liberator’s Daughter (2016), a compelling memoir documenting her father’s interrogation of Nazi soldiers as a U.S. military intelligence officer in World War II. Her work spotlights thought leadership, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion, interfaith studies, creativity and spirituality. Levine is a sought-after speaker, thought leader and corporate trainer. She was recognized with the “HerStory Award” by the Women’s Federation for World Peace.  Forbes Magazine honored her a “Top Diversity and Inclusion Trailblazers.”

Marc BrenmanMarc Brenman is Managing Member of IDARE LLC, a Maryland-based consulting and training firm; Regional Advisor, School of the South; and Member, National Advisory Council, The City Project (Los Angeles). He was formerly Executive Director of the Washington State Human Rights Commission and has served at the Office of Civil Rights for the U.S. Department of Education. Additionally, Brenman worked as Senior Policy Advisor for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Transportation, and was part of of the Diversity Standards Task Force at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Among the positive reviews that When Hate Groups March Down Main Street has received are the following:

  • When Hate Groups March Down Main Street provides a meticulous analysis of the origins, ideology and evolution of hate groups and their heinous crimes,” says David B. Grinberg, former national spokesman for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Washington. “The authors share key statistics, case studies, legal and anecdotal evidence, practical lessons and leadership examples for a new generation of young people and people of all ages.”
  • Carolyn Turpin-Petrosino, Professor of Criminal Justice at Bridgewater State College says, “This book should be on the desks of public officials, community groups, houses of worship, schools, and ordinary citizens who care about protecting the freedoms of fellow humans. It offers much-needed answers to a critical question: What can communities do in response to an incident of hate that occurs in their neighborhood?”

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