Global Goodwill Ambassadors – by Richard DiPilla

globalA civilized world, living in peace can only be attained through an understanding and acceptance of a diversified world. With this in mind, I founded an initiative using the LinkedIn social media forum called Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

The initiative has a simple mission. To recognize people from every nation, race, color, and socio-economic caste; who do goodwill toward others. The only thing Global Goodwill Ambassadors, looks at is the volunteering, charitable, or humanitarian works of any individual. We exercise no bias. We also have only one commodity, that of Goodwill. We are not commercialize in any way. We are apolitical and free of hatred.

My mission was to give anyone the opportunity to receive this designation. My secondary mission was to break down misconceptions that people had based on the limits of media reports or or inter-country propaganda, that there is goodness throughout the people of the world.

From an initiative I founded four years ago a large structured group has emerged. With volunteer from every country and all walks of life, we are all learning about the loving, charitable, heart of the human spirit everywhere. The thousands of letters of support and nominations to be recognized as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, is a testament to diversity in motion.

We can all learn to accept the good hearts of all people. As a society we still have a long way to go. As for what individuals can do to participate in a world that accepts all people as one united race, I know we can achieve that dream someday. Any doubters only need to look at the outpouring of love and respect that people of goodwill are sharing as Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Editor’s Note: I am honored to be included among the Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Social action & goodwill are needed more than ever in today’s challenging world. 

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  1. I dearly pray for the Global Goodwill Ambassadors who have given much in time and in effort. Richard and Lisa, I seek the prayers of all people for the least among us, and over this past year of journey when I could not walk–I have known prayers which heal. In addition I have seen such an amazing likeness in faith among the world’s people, and if we can teach and preach about our similarities instead of carrying the sword of malice, then and only then may we become a light to the world. My prayers are like springtime for you, because they are prayers of renewal, and not one of us can master the indifference shown to all persons of faith by a host of non-believers. In love, faith, and hope; May you behold with me the brilliance of the light found throughout a world of prayerful people who came long before the equations and the scientific explanations of our beginning. We began with God, and if we grow carefully as he has taught us–We will meet our blessed Star Of The Crown of togetherness in these the days which try us, and triumphantly–Then we shall see God face to face gathering us from all which challenged us while we were here–Christian, Islamist, Hindu, the rich and the poor; From across the globe in that one day when the suffering on our planet ends. We are and have been the same people living under different garments. Let it be that we will stand together and demand that all weapons be set aside, for in, “The Peaceful Kingdom;” All conflicts shall end. Be of good cheer and listen; “Listen;” as Richard wrote.. Blessings fill your lives and homes, for there we will kneel and be repentant for whatsoever we did to hurt another. Let us each hold the chalice of unity. In Love And Peace; I remain–Barbara

  2. This is awesome!
    I felt good to find this. Yes I absolutely agree and many people around the globe would like to have such instruments as well as meeting RICHARD D. I wish to be one in my country/community to champion the noble cause of fulfilling such missions.

  3. Global Goodwill Ambassadors all over the world may be a diversified group of people from all nations yet united towards common goals of promoting peace and harmony throughout the world. This initiative has an organic reach which when harnessed can help develop sustainable communities and financial freedom and literacy through responsible social media access and humanitarian activities and philanthropy. Kudos to the founder, @RichardDiPilla for his unrelenting support and vigilance towards attainment of peaceful co-existence across all borders, regardless of creed, color and ethnicity. “Mabuhay GGAs”.
    – Dr. Edna Joyce Santos, MD, DPBO, SBO

  4. Thank you Richard DiPilla for uniting us all.This is what humankind needs today to be united for human rights, peace , and dignity.Ignorance is a disease and we should all be Global Ambassadors of knowledge,Peace and Human rights.

    Thank you Richard DiPilla for making this happen.

    A Proud Global Goodwill Ambassador

  5. thanks alot Mr.Richard dipilla for joining all the humans as a one nation .its a good act you started for the humanism and for peace of the world.

  6. Congratulations on a truly innovative humanitarian world-wide project. It is a wonderful platform to extend “goodwill” across national, cultural, ethnic, racial, class and socio-economic boundries. It encourages peaceful dialogue, education, learning and problem solving in a very practical manner.

    I look forward to the next few years to see what exciting and new opportunities LinkedIn’s Goodwill Ambassador group will provide.

    All the best Richard.

  7. Trusting this will reach you, Richard, I continue my writings to elevate my hope for the lives of America’s poorest. Considering the state of Mississippi now ranks as among the highest levels of AIDS in the US–There is much work to do here at home. It must begin with realizing that children must have rescue, and seek to decriminalize drugs with those dollars going in to treatment.

  8. Congratulations Mr.Richard for your wonderful humanitarian work to find and connect poeple with same good feeling of universal love. The one way for change the world in a better place with knowledge the act of kindeness and help in anywhere needs. The strength is  the same feeling . I am happy to be connect with the same mindset of people from across the world. Thanks by heart Mr. Richard DiPilla?

  9. The good hearts that work on human happiness are rich in love and tenderness and you are a wonderful person and your goals are wonderful and you have the love and appreciation of all your colleagues Goodwill Ambassadors

  10. You are a wonderful man doing a great job and lighting a candle in the darkness of the minds of people and encourages everyone of every color, nationality and creed to seek charity in a very short way (you are a wonderful man)

  11. Richard DiPilla , es una persona maravillosa, con trayectoria profesional increible.
    Formamos parte de una Red de Profesionales Linkedin.
    Dichosamente estuve apoyando en las nominaciones de Embajadores de Global de Buena Voluntad difundiendo en Linkedin . Es una satisfacción trabajar con el Fundador Global de Embajadas de Buena Voluntad Richard DiPilla. Muchas gracias .

  12. Congratulations Richard. Very happy with your initative and with the support of Lisa Jones. I am very fortunate to connect with the same mindset of people from across the world. So much to learn and share among all of us. I am very happy to be part of the Global Goodwill Ambassadors. God Bless. Cheers. Christy Paul (UAE)

  13. Thank You Richard for bringing us all together.
    I can see great movement propelled with ideals like this put forward that can and will help to grow better communities one person at a time.
    I will be sharing this page also with my Libslogics communities which can also be found on FB Instagram and LinkedIn.
    Kind Regards
    Elizabeth Joyce

  14. What Richard DiPilla started many years ago, has united so many people around our globe. It has inspired many people to reach out and help those in need. A simple act of kindness is contagious and I’m happy to be a Global Goodwill Ambassador.

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