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Arts in Health Inspire Women – by Nicole Brown and Chyela Rowe

Arts in Health Program

Why create an Arts in Health program for Mother’s Day? According to the CDC, women caregivers have a greater risk for poor physical and mental health, including depression and anxiety. Mothers have held such heavy weights this last year: from grieving losses to taking on more responsibilities such as managing work from home, additional hours for childcare, homeschooling, at-home nursing, coaching, offering tech support and much more. The presence of art and music in healthcare enhances the overall experience. It allows us to remove ourselves from whatever we’re battling to be motivated and inspired. 

Diverse partners joined together in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to inspire and support women and female artists for Mother’s Day and, most importantly, promote health and well-being through the Arts. The program included artwork by Alex Paul Loza, music by Shane Morrow and a presentation of new work from poet Erika Roberts in partnership with multiple organizations that will resonate with communities across the country.

About the partners

CHI Memorial is a not-for-profit, faith-based healthcare organization dedicated to the healing ministry of the Church. Founded in 1952 by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, CHI Memorial offers a continuum of care including preventative, primary and acute hospital care, as well as cardiac, cancer, orthopedic, imaging, and a multitude of other services.
CHI Memorial is a regional referral center of choice with more than 4,600 associates, 400 volunteers and 600 affiliated physicians providing health care throughout Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia.

The Hunter Museum of American Art collects, preserves, and presents American art and connects the community through inspiring educational and visitor-focused experiences for all.
The Hunter Museum is a national model exemplifying how art museums can transform the communities they serve. With its iconic campus, exceptional collection of American art and engagement in and with the community, the Hunter is an essential space where all people are welcomed to experience creativity, connect and share ideas.

ArtsBuild serves as a hub for the arts in Chattanooga and Hamilton County. It has a strong reputation of leading discussions and strategies in arts education and funding support for local artists.

RISE Chattanooga is an independent minority led arts organization dedicated to using the arts to transcend cultural barriers and addressing the lack of arts and cultural programming in the Chattanooga area.

About the Arts in Health Program

The program highlights partnerships in the arts that symbolize solidarity with a salute to women and their strength during the COVID 19 pandemic. CHI Memorial’s values of Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration led the vision for this Arts in Health program which engaged local artists to listen, interpret and give voice to those struggling.

Participants in the Mother’s Day Edition program featured works held in the Hunter Museum galleries to illustrate ideas about mothering. For example, Ashley V. Blalock’s installation, enormous crocheted red doilies, titled Bridging the Hunter reminded ArtsBuild President James McKissic about women who have inspired him with their creativity and support throughout his life. Other works featured were a pressed glass sculpture by Amber Cowan, a collage by Edith Bry titled Equations, and collage by Jiha Moon titled Yellow Wave. The program also featured the Artists as Healers video that was produced by the Arts in Medicine Council at CHI Memorial along with art supporters in the area. 

The Arts in Healthcare Program at Memorial was established in 1996, with a mission to provide a healing environment and ministry through permanent and visiting exhibits, live music and performances, and an annual arts for health educational event. In recent years, the program has grown to include clinical training internships for art, music, and expressive arts therapy Master’s students, new community partnerships with organizations such as Aim Center and Hart Gallery, and a focus on using the arts to promote employee well-being, social justice and health equity.

Memorable Quotes

“I love celebrating the arts and especially want to celebrate the women in Chattanooga who do so much in the arts sector.”
James McKissic, ArtsBuild president. 

“The Hunter celebrates female artists and showcases their work throughout our galleries, with each work created by a female artist indicated with a special art icon label.”
~ Virginia Anne Sharber, Hunter Museum of American Art executive director.

“CHI Memorial has a platform and we are making a concerted effort to provide a space for diverse voices in the arts community.”
Jennifer Nicely, CHI Memorial Foundation president.

About the program’s producers

Arts in Health: Mother’s Day Edition was produced by Nicole Brown, Manager of Community Benefits and Diversity. Chyela Rowe, Arts Therapies and Well-Being Coordinator served as the associate producer. Brown and Rowe are employed at CHI Memorial.

Watch Arts in Health: Mother’s Day Edition now!

We encourage women to take care of themselves and schedule an annual doctor’s appointment today. Need help coping with stress? Visit for Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress. The CDC also provides several resources on prevention, research and training related to women’s health.

Graphic by Alex Paul Loza

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2 thoughts on “Arts in Health Inspire Women – by Nicole Brown and Chyela Rowe”

  1. I was very impressed with the video presentation. I look at art in a different way now. I thought art was mostly about enjoying paintings but the video enlighten me and gave me a total new outlook regarding the arts. Thank You.

  2. Excellent article . The video’s production was flawless.
    Very timely piece considering the environment we are in today. It is refreshing to have another outlet for women to engage with with they may or may not have had prior knowledge of.

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