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Sam Bigham (Staci to her friends) is a transgender college senior from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Though most of her work is unpublished, she hopes to find a career writing professionally for an organization that works to improve the lives of LGBT+ citizens in countries plagued by homophobia. She enjoys exotic food and hopes to retire to an animal sanctuary in a warm climate.

I dreamed I was a moth – by Sam Bigham

I remember the first night I took my pills. 

One was round–tan, roughly the size of a dime, AN/515 inscribed on a side–and the other was ovoid–blue, half the size of a pinky fingernail, 887-2 on one side, “b” on the other–and they were going to change my life. I had been taking the first pill, spironolactone, for three months. Ostensibly, this was to allow my body time to adjust; truthfully, it was so my doctor knew I was committed to the changes my body was about to undergo.

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