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Catherine Corcoran has studied at the U. of TN at Chattanooga with a Communication major and Criminal Justice for her minor. Catherine has been involved in many extracurricular activities during her college career. She participated on the Mock Trial team, worked as a Student DJ for the University radio and is an active member of the Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA). When she is not on campus, Catherine spends her time working as a nanny. She will graduate in May 2023 and is not sure what career path she will take. Catherine is currently considering jobs in the legal field, logistics or public relations. Regardless of where she ends up, Catherine will continue to celebrate diversity and educate herself on related issues.

Black in the South: A Complicated Journey of Self Love  – by Catherine Corcoran 

Growing up as a white woman in the south, I have always been aware of the privilege I have due to my skin color. I knew I would have an easier time dealing with the police than someone with darker skin. I knew people in society may assume I am more educated than others because of my caucasian skin. I knew all the major issues my privilege could play a role in but I failed to consider the mundane, everyday hardships people who look different from me face. That was until I met my college roommate, Janita Echagile. Janita is an African American whose parents immigrated from Nigeria. She shared many stories about growing up as a black girl in the south. These stories opened my eyes and helped me deeply understand the challenges people of color deal with. Growing up is hard enough but it is even worse when you feel as though your appearance doesn’t fit the beauty standards. Janita shares her experience feeling like that.  Continue reading Black in the South: A Complicated Journey of Self Love  – by Catherine Corcoran