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Niah Davis majored in Communications with a minor in Business Administration / U. of TN at Chattanooga. Davis has been published as a Feature Writer by the blog College Fashionista and Rising Rock, a student-run campus publication. She has experience running a high-profile social media account at her internship with College Fashionista. Davis plans to work in the media industry as a social media specialist for athletics.

Beauty in The Eye of The Beholder – by Coniah Davis

If you have not heard of the model Winnie Harlow then you are definitely missing out. Thanks to Harlow’s unique natural beauty she has been an inspiration in the modeling industry and social media. Prior to gracing the runway Harlow’s story began in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Harlow was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 4, a skin condition where the cells that produce melanin are destroyed causing certain areas of the skin to turn pale and stop functioning. When she was younger over time the depigmentation in her skin began to become visible, so when she would go to school she was bullied. 

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