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Carlos E. Cortés is a retired history professor who has been a diversity speaker, educator, trainer, and consultant for nearly fifty years. His books include: The Children Are Watching: How the Media Teach about Diversity (2000); his memoir, Rose Hill: An Intermarriage before Its Time (2012); and a book of poetry, Fourth Quarter: Reflections of a Cranky Old Man (2016), which received honorable mention for the best book of poetry in the 2017 International Latino Book Awards. He also edited the 4 volume Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia (2013). Gary H. Cortés is a civil engineer with a B.A. and a B.S. from Rice University. Following graduation he became part of the Hoffman-Cortés Contracting Company, a Kansas City, Missouri family business founded in the 1920’s by his grandfather, Morris Hoffman. In 1970 he became company President, continuing in that role until he passed the torch to his daughter Rita Cortés, who led the firm until it closed in the 2010’s. He is currently involved in various civic ventures in Kansas City and in Sedona, Arizona, including the Sedona Film Festival.

Diversity and Speech #33: Bi-Religious – by Carlos Cortés, Gary Cortés

Brotherly Perspectives on Religious Experiences

A co-authored Interview

Carlos: Last year I wrote a column about the tribulations of Growing up Bi-Religious in our religiously-mixed household in Kansas City, Missouri: Dad a Catholic with a Mexican immigrant father – Mom, a Reform Jew with a Ukrainian immigrant father and an Austrian immigrant mother.  I had to deal with family conflict and I avoided mentioning my religious background to parents when I picked up my dates.  But your experience was so different.
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