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Dionne Wright Poulton, Ph.D., is author of the new book, It’s Not Always Racist...but Sometimes It Is. She is a former high school teacher and university instructor turned entrepreneur and diversity consultant. Through her business, Dr. Dionne Poulton Consulting, she trains employees in business and academic arenas related to intercultural communication, the psychosocial dynamics of issues like race and gender influence on decision-making and behavior, and also the effects of technology on employee relations. Dr Poulton earned her doctorate at the University of Georgia and has appeared for social commentary on many radio stations, including on The Tavis Smiley Show, and on WAOK CBS Atlanta.

Recognizing Bias — by Dionne Poulton

Recently in the news, a woman was out to lunch and overheard a group of male IBM business executives speaking publicly (well actually privately, but in a public place) about not wanting to hire young women who are in their childbearing years because they get pregnant again and again.

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