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Eric Kruger is professional coach specializing in executive coaching and retirement coaching. He provides training & coaching on goal-setting, career issues, leadership, diversity/inclusion, negotiation, cross-cultural management and holistic retirement.  He received his coaching training at the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching in New York. Based in New York NY and Chattanooga TN, he provides his services to his clients in person and via interactive Internet.  Originally from the UK, he received his degrees from University College, London and the London School of Economics. He has worked at the United Nations on economic development projects and in business throughout the US, Europe, and Latin America. He has taught at Columbia U., Cornell U. and the U. of TN at Chattanooga.  After working for many years in American and international corporations, he created his company, Compass Development Strategies in 2000 to provide coaching services in an innovative context for a diverse clientele. 

Holistic Retirement: Structure, Community and Purpose – by Eric J. Kruger

Planning for a Fulfilling Life After Work
During and After COVID – 19
Beyond the Financial and Legal Aspects 


This article addresses the importance of including all the major aspects of a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle in retirement. The large majority of books and articles on retirement planning focus just on the financial and legal aspects. The article emphasizes paying attention to eight major facets of life after full-time work as critical to a successful, fulfilling, and balanced existence: in two words, “Holistic Retirement.”

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