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Cole Fischer, Sydney Hermann, and Liv Ellis are Media and Diversity students from the Communication program at the U. of TN at Chattanooga. Cole is hoping to pursue a career in either marketing/content creation or entrepreneurship. Sydney is an Art History minor who is passionate about helping small businesses fine-tune their branding and voice on social media. Liv is minoring in Psychology, has a background in Interior Design, and hopes to find a career in public relations/production and marketing that allows her to combine her talents for visual and written communication.

Christianity in 2021 – by Cole Fischer, Sydney Hermann, and Liv Ellis

Editor’s Note: Article from DEI in Communications class at the University of TN / Chattanooga where I spoke on religious diversity.

As we get older and merge into the world, we are often faced with meeting increasingly more diverse people. It is important to listen to each other with open minds to understand others and how they have lived their lives. Learning and understanding new points of view is the best way to be an active member of a diverse community. Generalizing religious people groups can be dangerous as everyone has different experiences even within the same religion. As Christians, we have different walks of faith and yet, we have had our own experiences in life. The following three testimonies are from college students who identify themselves as members of the Christian faith.

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