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ADR ADVISOR George F. Simons, MA, DMins is a consultant, lecturer, and author living in France who specializes in intercultural communication and global management. He delivers culture change programs for Ford Motor Co. in Europe, and spent two years with Shell International Exploration & Production in The Hague, piloting virtual global teams and addressing intercultural aspects of knowledge management. Previously, he trained management and employees to communicate and negotiate internally and across cultures for international training institutes such as the Australian and New Zealand Institutes of Management, The Greek Management Association and AHI Seminar Services (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore). At Management Centre Europe, he is a frequent speaker, part of the eLearning project team, and sits MCE’s e-Commerce and General Management Advisory Boards as well as the Advisory Board of the European Business Review. Dr. Simons is the inventor, director of research and primary developer of the award-winning Diversophy® training instruments.

SiberiaCyberHaiku – Poem by George Simons


Silently passing through Fargo…
the indiscriminate Fargo of my mind,
I am cruising up the Lena.
I leave the city limits of my head
for what is…now…here…
flowing once before the windows of my eyes.

Morning, she appears,
changeling today, soft and cloudy
where the river flows.

As the clouds thicken
I become confused and ask,
“Will sunlight return?”

Endless flow of green,
sandy shore, then white birch trees,
life without landmarks.

Then houses, a church,
its onion dome an anchor,
faith in solitude.

I peek at a map,
explore the territory,
mind at home again.

Tell me what I am,
where I am, I have forgot
Tell me how, how, how…

Going Southern Book Review from Paris – by Dr. George Simons

A few years ago I had the task of preparing a dozen mid-level managers from a large German corporation that was establishing itself in South Carolina. As part of the training, I conducted a role-play in which one of the employees, on a Saturday morning, heard a knock on the door.

How to Navigate Southern Culture
Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide to Success in the South

The woman opened the imaginary door and, standing in front of her, I said, “Hello M’am, my name is George Simons. I just live down the street, and I was wondering what church you go to…” She slammed the door in my face. In debriefing the incident, the woman felt she was being belittled by being called “M’am,” and that this “intruder” had invaded her private sphere. Slamming the door was the best way to make it clear that neither of these was acceptable.

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