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Kylee Boone is a visual storyteller studying Communication with a minor in Promotions at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She utilizes her leadership qualities as the Social Media and Advertising Director for The University Echo, an Assistant Editor for Rising Rock Media, and as the co-founder of her nonprofit organization with Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home. She hopes to one day work in social media management and inspire others through her work in storytelling.

Racial Profiling in Security Systems – by Kylee Boone

Growing up, I never realized the privilege that I inherently had due to the color of my skin. I was aware that we were all unique, but never thought twice about it due to the bubble that was my home town. I had and to this day still have many friends from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. One in particular is my friend Naveed who I consider one of my closest friends since childhood.

Naveed comes from a Muslim family and his parents were both born and grew up in the middle east. We have hung out with each other a countless amount of times throughout the years ever since the third grade and have grown closer as we get older. We are obviously both of a different skin color, but I had never witnessed me being treated differently from him, likely due to the very privileged town that we live in Middle Tennessee. That all changed when we went on a vacation one summer to a music festival with a group of our friends. 

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