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Sharon Hart-Green is a Canadian novelist and literary scholar whose debut novel Come Back for Me was chosen as the inaugural fiction offering of The New Jewish Press. She received her PhD from Brandeis University and taught Hebrew and Yiddish literature at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Not a Simple Story (Lexington Books) about the Hebrew novelist Agnon; and Bridging the Divide (Syracuse University Press) featuring her translations of the Hebrew poems of Hava Pinhas-Cohen. In addition, Hart-Green’s stories, translations, and reviews have appeared in numerous publications such as The Jewish Review of Books and the Jewish Chronicle.

Come Back for Me: A Novel by Sharon Hart-Green

Loss, trauma, memory, and the impenetrable ties of family are the elements that weave together Sharon Hart-Green’s panoramic debut novel Come Back for Me (New Jewish Press). Set in the aftermath of World War II, it is a gripping story about the redemptive power of love and self-understanding.

Come Back for Me tells the story of two young Jewish characters; one is a Hungarian Holocaust survivor Artur Mandelkorn who is on a desperate quest to find his beloved sister, Manya, after they become separated during the war. Artur’s journey takes him to Israel where he falls in love with Fanny, a young woman who still bears the scars of her own tragic past in Germany.

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