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Business Speech in 2022- by Katie Schwartz

It’s very expensive to recruit, hire and train a new employee. The exact  Return on Investment (ROI) depends on the industry, the position, and your location. This year, as so many people have quit their jobs, employers are very concerned about employee engagement and employee retention.

One action some employers are taking is asking employees about how they are doing in their work, and what they need to be more effective. For example, they may be giving employees the heavily researched Gallup Q12 Survey. They are acting on the results to help employees be more involved and happier.

In other cases, the employees themselves are asking their employers for specific courses or coaching that they want to expand their skills  and effectiveness in the workplace, such as communication coaching. This may include coaching in public speaking, clear pronunciation, communication skills for leaders or others, or conversation (such as making small talk). Other topics such as communication coaching for interviews or in sales may also be available. Employees are asking, and some employers are wisely listening.

Another change for 2022 is that more coaching will remain online, regardless of the status of Covid-19. Online coaching is effective and more convenient. Learners have a choice of more coaches or courses  when travel is not a factor, and can choose the most appropriate one.

Effective business speech coaching will continue to be practical, with goals and activities that are appropriate for the learner and his or her needs. For example, a learner in the finance industry working on saying the “v” sound may practice words such as value, investment, advisor and save, while one in the medical field with the same goal may focus on words such as prevent, evaluate, visit, and have. Public speakers will practice presentations they are preparing to actually give.

Business speech coaches often provide short activities to work on between sessions. Ask them about whether they offer this.

Business speech coaches who are qualified speech pathologists are now available in 6 countries: the USA, Canada, Portugal, Malaysia, Bermuda, and Australia. Search here for more information. Each is independent and may offer a variety of different types of coaching.

Your first impression you give someone should be your best impression. In 2022, speech coaching to achieve this should be easier to obtain than ever before!

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