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Empowering Arab Women in the Workplace – by John White

How Silatech created 600 jobs for women in Somalia … An update on International Women’s Day, a day that recognizes the social, cultural, and economic achievements of women. Once celebrated in only a few countries where women fought for equality, the event has now spread to all groups, countries, and organizations everywhere.

In Lahore, Pakistan, NPR followed the women in their first-ever march for equal rights on International Women’s Day. Hundreds of women came together for the same reason, giving women a proper education so they can obtain successful careers. Journalist Haleema Shah spoke with one of the thousands of women there who defined freedom as, “the ability to own a business and the understanding that such endeavors should not be considered avenues to indecency.” Women’s social standing is changing with the help of a new program created by the regional social organization in Qatar, called Silatech.

This year on International Women’s Day, Silatech announced its success of creating over 600 jobs for women in Somalia. Silatech’s program aims to create economic opportunities for women in countries ravaged by terrorism. It hosted an event held at a “Local Bazar” that recognized the women of Qatar and all the hard work that they do.

Silatech’s partnership with Palestinian Food Industry Unions and Yustan Seafood has made all the difference in the region. Women entering into male-dominated industries are making a huge step towards equal opportunities in the local workforce. Silatech’s Women Empowerment program focuses on upgrading women’s skills so they can begin a long-lasting career outside of the home. Silatech believes that creating a better balance of men to women in the workforce will stabilize this region of the world. The program begins with training women on topics related to the manufacturing industry, including production management, food safety, and maintaining the quality of the product.

Even more exciting, the movement for equal rights is starting to extend into high positions in companies. According to the Qatar Tribune, “Qatari women have demonstrated their ability to work in different sectors, including top executive positions, which were previously exclusive to males, thus supporting their successes and enhancing their social standing and the prominent role they play in society.”

In addition to these training programs, Silatech, in partnership with Microsoft, created an employability portal. The digital service is available in Arabic, English, and French to accommodate all women looking for jobs. Silatech recognizes that not everyone is comfortable with the digital world. To broaden the horizon of how women can find and apply for jobs, Silatech has also organized career fairs and other activities with local partners and universities. Now women have multiple opportunities to join the workforce.

Silatech’s mission is to develop the Arab societies and improve the living conditions of their segments by reducing the problem of unemployment Arab’s youth. Silatech mobilizes the energies and resources necessary to connect Arab youth with real opportunities to develop their future and neutralize the wrong ways by launching and continuing innovative initiatives and programs.

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