Balancing your day as an Entrepreneur – by Rae Steinbach

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Starting your own business is hard work and it’s even harder when you’re a mom entrepreneur. Finding the time to grow your business while also raising children is an intimidating task. If you’re looking to generate a business plan that focuses on coworking ideas, an on-demand product, or simply selling products over the internet, it may seem like you simply don’t have the time when you’re also focused on raising your children.
However, it’s certainly not impossible. Many women in your situation have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs. They simply knew how to manage their time effectively.
These tips will help you do the same. If you’re trying to balance the responsibilities of being a mom and a business owner, keep them in mind.


Again, if you’re raising kids and running a business, you’ll have plenty of tasks to complete in an average day. Although you may be tempted to multitask, experts point out the average human brain isn’t capable of successfully focusing on two tasks at once.
You’re better off listing out what needs to get done and prioritizing accordingly. This will help you use your time as effectively as possible.

Keep a Consistent Schedule

Making a plan for completing daily tasks is important. That said, planning itself takes time. Your eventual goal should be to develop a routine that stays fairly consistent on an average day.
A daily schedule should be realistic, of course. You need to ensure you have time to handle all your responsibilities as both a mother and business owner. However, you’ll be more productive and efficient if you reach a point where you wake up each day having a general idea of how you’ll spend your time.

Balance Long-Term & Short-Term Goals

Studies indicate people who clearly establish goals are more likely than others to achieve them. Having goals is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.
They simply need to be balanced. You should always have about two long-term goals you’re working towards, and two-short term goals. Create a plan for achieving every one of them.
Of course, make sure your goals are realistic. If you’re struggling to create a reasonable plan for achieving one, it’s probably not realistic at this time. Return to it later after you’ve reached other accomplishments.

Leverage Technology

Technology has made starting and running a business easier than ever. Test out the many productivity apps marketed to entrepreneurs to find one that helps you save time and boost productivity. Using the right tools can make a big difference in your overall time management strategy.


Being a mother is a challenge. So is being a business owner. That said, the challenges of each experience are unique. Don’t make the mistake of treating your responsibilities as a mom the same way you treat your responsibilities as a business owner. Although it may take some time, monitor your daily schedule to determine when you’ll have the most time to focus on your business. Working when you’re free of distractions (for instance, when the kids are in bed or at school) is key to getting as much work done as possible.
Again, you don’t need to choose between being a mom and being a successful entrepreneur. Plenty have achieved both. Learning how to manage your time properly is key to joining their ranks.
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