Woman Cries — Poem by Sanjay Prasad  

The night falls and the women are in the street,
single alone as it seems never to be shown,
Desperate she is forced to do what others sin,
Rewarded for her love and care she could bring,
the doors close as once she is inside,
Raped and tortured by those who were hers,
A woman cries and no one hears.

The men in blue are in lookout for her,
The pimps give them share and make her bare,
The men in white are always there for their share,
No one looks as the woman is not to spare,
She is then branded as a whore,
The men so selfishly believe she is there to borne,
A woman cries and no one hears.

The sun is no more seen in the horizon,
darkness engulfs and the deeds start again,
A woman is brought,
a woman taken somewhere,
Desperate as she is forced to the sins every where,
In the castles, in the houses,in the churches,
temples and in the alleys and on the roads,

A woman cries and no one hears …

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