Measure How Well You Manage Diversity – by Simma Liebermann

25 Traits of a Diverse Organization:

1- Everyone is seen, as part of the organization’s diversity and the goal is to make everyone’s needs and concerns a part of the mainstream diversity effort.

2- Top management endorses and actively champions the company’s diversity initiatives.

3- A diverse organization’s culture is based on inclusion and not just on representation.

4- There are processes in place to resolve conflicts and prevent miscommunication that can be costly to the organization.

5- Diversity—in the form of inclusion—is reflected in the mission and vision of the organization.

6- Diversity is a mindset, a continuous process and a way of doing business—not a one-off program or two hour training.

7- Diversity is proactive and always imperative. It does not only become important when there is a discrimination complaint.

8- Diversity is integrated into the overall business strategy.

9- Employees are recruited from a diverse pool of candidates.

10- Company recruiters are trained in bias reduction so that they don’t choose candidates based on assumptions and stereotypes.

11- The unique skills and experiences of each individual are leveraged to help make the organization and employee more successful.

12- There is visible diversity at all levels of the organization.

13- All people feel included and are able to do their best work for the organization.   Each person has an equal chance to show what he or she can do.

14- While visible diversity is a benchmark; the organization uses a broad definition of diversity to include the unique skills and talents of each individual.

15- People from different races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions and physical abilities are seen as resources for different markets, but not necessarily sent to those markets to represent the organization.

16- People are comfortable and able to relate to employees and customers from backgrounds different than their own.

17-The organization draws from the wide range of experiences and perspectives to find more creative solutions to problems and be more innovative in developing new products and services.

18-There is a system and process in place to communicate openings and opportunities throughout the organization.

19 -Affinity groups have become employee or business resource groups and are sponsored and attended by people from different backgrounds.

20- People are comfortable discussing differences and similarities with each other.

21- Employees from different backgrounds feel included in the mission, vision and the organization itself.

22- The CEO and others in the executive suite drive culture change .

23- Compensation is tied to diversity efforts.

24- Opportunities for cross-cultural mentoring exist and are encouraged.

25-The organization is known as a place where all kinds of people succeed. It acts as a magnet that draws in diverse talent.

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