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MARGIE CROWE is an assistant professor in general education with research interests in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In addition to her teaching duties, she develops inclusive general education curriculum and faculty professional development training. A doctoral candidate at Liberty U., her dissertation focuses on resegregation trends in public K-12 education. More than half of her 20 years in the Air Force was spent on officer accession programs and diversity policies. She currently consults for law enforcement and education institutions on DEI. CHRIS DOBBINS is the owner & operator of Chris Dobbins Consulting. He is currently serving as Program Director for the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Public Health, supporting COVID-19 response efforts. Chris served 22-years in the US Air Force in a variety of leadership roles. After retirement, he served in local government as director of health and human services establishing benchmark social programs addressing inequities within the organization and the wider community. Chris primarily consults on Leadership, Law Enforcement, and Public Health with sensitivity toward equity, accountability, and diversity. REGINALD HAIRSTON is a retired Marine Corps Colonel who has dedicated his adult life to the service of our nation. He is currently a Resilience-Building Leader Instructor and founder of the Power of Leadership LLC. Colonel Hairston believes that any effort to solve institutional problems first has to start with a focus on properly developing leaders. Colonel Hairston is also the author of a book titled, “Simple Man's Leadership Guide.” SABAH HOLMES is a seasoned inclusion consultant with almost two decades of experience gained in the UK, UAE, and India. Sabah has advisory, coaching, and mentoring expertise across a variety of sectors and industries: aviation, telecommunications, advertising, media, engineering, and higher education. She has led high profile local & global projects involving change management & communication, inclusion, diversity, equality policy development & implementation, organisational restructuring, process & system design, and HR transformation.

BIPOC, COVID-19, and Disparities in Health Care

Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)

They are traditionally marginalized across all social systems,  but it’s more apparent today than ever due to the devastating effects of COVID-19 on BIPOC communities.  In 2020, BIPOC account for 27.3% of the U.S. population (, 2020), yet BIPOC account for 58.1% percent of all COVID-19 cases to-date (, 2020).  Researchers and social scientists point to structural disparities as the main cause of the disproportionate COVID-19 infection rate among BIPOC (Cantos & Rebolledo, 2020; Valenzuela et al., 2020).  The data shows that a consequential proportion of the BIPOC communities are essential or service-related workers with limited or no access to health care, lower socioeconomic and education status, overcrowded housing with limited ability to social distance, and limited or no access to personal protective equipment.  These realities have created conditions where COVID-19 affects every aspect of the BIPOC social constructs.    

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