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Greg Nees, Ph.D., is an interculturalist whose recent book, Connecting Hearts and Minds, integrates new findings from the human sciences to show how our unconscious conditioning shapes our perceptions and actions. Because personal and cultural differences often seem wrong, they can bring out the worst in us. By explaining the three-way interaction between cultures, minds, and communication styles, Greg’s book shows how to build better relationships with people who are different. The book’s true stories inspire and motivate as they demonstrate the skills needed for success in the 21st century. For more on Greg and his work visit

Diversity, Dialogue, and Mindsight – by Greg Nees

Have you ever entered a conversation with the best of intentions, only to end up in an argument? I suspect we have all had this experience and I’d like to suggest that one reason this happens so often is because of mind distance. When we try to communicate with people whose experiences and world views are very different from our own, we often run into invisible walls. It’s like trying to describe colors to a friend who has been blind from birth. No matter how much we try to explain what the world looks, sounds, and feels like to us, if the other person’s experiences have been significantly different, they will have trouble listening and understanding. In my work as an interculturalist, I encounter such mind distance on a regular basis.

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