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JACLYN ANDERSON is an assistant professor of psychology with research interests in literacy, diversity & inclusion, and the evolution of emotions- specifically hate. A doctoral candidate at Keiser U., her dissertation explores the use of classroom magazines to increase literacy skills among K-12 students. An advocate for equal access to education, she works with a local HBCU to develop educational opportunities for individuals in prison and those unable to get financial aid due to criminal records. MARGIE CROWE is an assistant professor in general education with research interests in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In addition to her teaching duties, she develops inclusive general education curriculum and faculty professional development training. A doctoral candidate at Liberty U., her dissertation focuses on resegregation trends in public K-12 education. More than half of her 20 years in the Air Force was spent on officer accession programs and diversity policies. She currently consults for law enforcement and education institutions on DEI.

Women and Higher Education Inequity – by Jaclyn Anderson, Margie Crowe 

 Faculty and Leadership Positions, COVID-19, and Structural Disparities 

Where Are the Allies?

The structural disparities linger within higher education and are influenced by long-standing patriarchal practices and ideologies. These inequalities can lead to a lack of diversity and inclusion of single-parent households and women. The problem has become salient given the current pandemic of COVID-19., which disproportionately affects women and single-parent households. Inflexible thinking and leadership practices in higher education have led to barriers to full inclusion of women in higher education positions that are exacerbated when women must choose between their career and their families. Current higher education leadership practices often disallow or acknowledge the right of women to exist in this space. Institutions are reluctant, and indeed refusing, to allow accommodations for staff, faculty, and students (allowing work from home, reducing attendance requirements, required on-campus hours). Administrations that are rife with patriarchal ideologies, with little or no understanding of the consequences of these archaic policies, seem to continue with business as usual.

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