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Keith is a writer and storyteller who advances thought provoking conversation, which inspires his readers to pause in the comforts of their inner reasoning. A Central New Jersey native transplanted to Southern California, Keith is a military veteran who has attained a three-decade career in the Electric Utility Industry. Keith’s passions are physical fitness and self-care and his main motivation to write is encompassed by his acute recollection of past life experiences.

Try Heart Based Solutions – by Keith Thornton

As we acknowledge our oftentimes dismissal of our societal commonalities, the human lineage possess generations of historical struggle in attempts to stem conflict born out of various differences and disputes.  The earliest inhabitants of our planet have always found clan like strength to endure as a species in spite of never ceasing conflict.  Fast forward to present day and on cue, we perpetuate all that has been done before us with seemingly the same results, unaware we have options to greatly change our human narrative.  As an alternative approach, to today’s hesitance to engage each other in a candid manner for solutions, we should consider to the merits of creative heart-based solution making as way to overcome social barriers.

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