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As we acknowledge our oftentimes dismissal of our societal commonalities, the human lineage possess generations of historical struggle in attempts to stem conflict born out of various differences and disputes.  The earliest inhabitants of our planet have always found clan like strength to endure as a species in spite of never ceasing conflict.  Fast forward to present day and on cue, we perpetuate all that has been done before us with seemingly the same results, unaware we have options to greatly change our human narrative.  As an alternative approach, to today’s hesitance to engage each other in a candid manner for solutions, we should consider to the merits of creative heart-based solution making as way to overcome social barriers.

Practiced individually or in groups, the impact of strategies based on raising quality of life opportunities is rooted in creating solutions, which cause no harm to the full scope of wellness towards others.  Elevating our standard of living through compassion but more importantly, compassionate interaction, is the key construct of Heart-based solution making.  The present nature of discourse around the valuing of life as within a free society gives credence to the observation; Heart-based solution making may be our most viable option to collectively enhance present day, harmony inducing action plans.

Developed through the need for establishing winning parameters to approach, assist and expand present day dialog, Heart-based solution making is simply an inflection point built in to decision-making processes, which develops a higher standard of human interaction.  The key components of Heart-based solution making are:

  • Establishing kinder communities through designed inclusiveness
  • Expansion of opportunities to socially interact by raising consciousness
  • Bias clearing from intentionally placed parameters to advance discourse
  • Developing buy-in through exposure and forward paying opportunities

Leaders are without question needed to expand access but equally important is the need for healers to repair broken spirits as well visionaries to advance new pathways to progress.  Societal advancing initiatives have the potential to be the next great socioeconomic blueprint created through heart-based action plans and everyone of good will can play a critical role.

To assist in the societal pivot needed to dispel our present misconceptions concerning who the real contributors to society are, the relation of power to weakness must be studied for true clarity.  Power, for many is synonymous with control, however, in weakness lies the ability to transform in ways that can simply defy odds. Absent the emotional intelligence needed to grasp the interconnection of both, we must allow the notion, not all power is controlling in nature and not all weakness lacks ability to transform.  Most would express disdain for anyone who has controlling tendencies but when compared to the presumably weak among us, we actively flee the true power of a transformation we all have the ability to inspire.

The marginalization presently expressed from a youth’s perspective, is usually manifested by their rare invite to any discord or solution development concerning our present societal state.  Equipped with the ability to give brutally honest input while asking poignantly direct questions, input from a youth perspective concerning the world they will soon inherit is critical to the paradigm shift that has needed to win hearts and minds.  With heart-based solution selling, youth participation will play a proactive role in how their particular birth generation communicates on behalf of our overall collective.

Commissioning youth discussion and conferences, which champion the creation of future Heart-based solution action plans highlighting various pathways forward, should happen on wide scale levels for the sake societal advancement.  The quality of life increases realized in youth given opportunity for meaningful input, will unveil a new level of cross-generational interaction changing the narrative, which has been proven to be halfheartedly flawed for far too long.  There are no physical or cultural criteria required to formulate nondestructive, heart-based solutions and youth designed participation will be a main grass roots component of its effectiveness.

Our individual contribution will be the main catalyst to our way forward starting with the conscious energy we all are, combined with the energy we purposefully emit.  Choices we all have to be part of the collective energy, which pushes forward civilization, as we know it lay within each mind that was once born innocent of bias, prejudice and hate.  Advancers in the true sense will be those who embrace and facilitate Heart-based solution making.  Learning the true concept of self-love is the critical first step to change while also unleashing the higher person inwardly, who can model the advancement so desperately needed in today’s society.

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