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Dr. Les Kertay is a writer, speaker, leader, and guide who works with individuals and companies to help them get to their next “best.” He is an industry expert in mind-body health as it applies to workplace environments, leadership, disability medicine, and health behaviors. Personally, he’s a husband, dad, psychologist, and general geek who lives in a magical house with his beloved wife and a menagerie of animals and adult children who come and go. Life, he says, even at its hardest, is to be cherished and lived to its fullest.

The Nightmare Cough – by Dr. Les Kertay

coughFor the past 5 weeks, I have been living a nightmare. I’ve been about half-present at work, or maybe more precisely I’ve been mostly present about half the time. I’ve come and gone from social media because too often I am unable to tolerate the incivility and hatred that has become – against all odds – even worse during this time when we should all be pulling together.

The nightmare I’ve been living is being worried sick that the love of my life was going to die.

About 5 weeks ago, already almost 2 weeks into self-imposed social distancing, Maddie started to cough. At first, it seemed like a simple chest cold. No high fever, no loss of taste or smell, nothing that made me panic.

The cough kept getting worse.

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