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Mykyta Ryzhykh from Nova Kakhovka Citу, Ukraine, has work published in the journals: Dzvin, Ring A, Polutona, Rechport, Topos, Articulation, Formaslov, Colon, Literature Factory, Literary Chernihiv, on the portals LitCenter and Soloneba, as well as in the Ukrainian literary newspaper.

Love Will Come to Me Tomorrow by Mykyta Ryzhykh

Love Will Come to Me Tomorrow


She will prick with thorns

She will breastfeed

Love does not know what we call love

She will look for her name everywhere
She will be the life of all
Love will clear the heavenly stars from mines

She doesn’t know what the future is
She doesn’t want the future to come
Oh Love, we’ll all suffocate without you
in the electric sky of wires


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