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Raj Asava was born and raised in India and has over 35 years experience in US working for Dell, Perot Systems, Satyam Computers, Price Waterhouse, Electronic Data Systems, General Motors, Chrysler Corporation. He has a background in IT & Management Consulting services and authored Strategic Business Planning methodologies, used by Public and Private sectors. He also personally conceptualize and built an offshore solution center for Electronic Data Systems, one of the largest Systems Integrator in the world.

Flattening the Curve: 
Flatten the Economy…What Next? – by Raj Asava

There is no question, flattening the curve is the need of the day. It is a critically important action on the part of every individual, inside and outside the medical system, to slowdown the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of flattening the curve is to ensure that we can deal with this outbreak within the current medical system capacity we have in place.

Flattening the curve, however, has flattened the economy by shutting down businesses, industries, mobility, education institutions and, extremely concerning, taken the ability from people to make a living. It is relatively easy for a small percentage of privileged folks to go in a lock down mode and work from home… but not for the first responders, the healthcare community, grocers and folks required for critical systems and industries. COVID-19 has created a crisis scenario for a vast majority of Americans who were already living paycheck to paycheck – many of whom would find themselves in a crisis mode should they run into an emergency requiring mere $400/-.

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Flatten the Economy…What Next? – by Raj Asava