DEI fans share ideas for 2022

2022 Trends, Plans, and Hopes

Many thanks to our ADR readers and participants who share their views and hopes for 2022. Best wishes for the coming year and may we all enjoy health and happiness as we  struggle to navigate the challenges to come: Adrienne A. Wallace, Fields Jackson, Jr., Brodrick Thomas, Zen Benefiel, Linda Murray Bullard, and  L.B.

Let’s Rise together! Especially if you have already risen. My intention is on Reclaiming truth. We are not too loud, smart, intimidating, creative or bold. These are strengths that people accustomed to people playing small are not used to. I’ve always been smart and bold. This is to be treasured and cultivated in all people.

  • Reinvention of process, because a lot is broken , a lot of great things happened, are happening, needs tutelage and exposure and those who know better do better.
  • Redemption, because sometimes you are dead wrong and it hurts people with responsibilities and people they take care of and it stifles what could be amazing Relationships.
  • Reconciliation, because see the previous and there are things that need to be understood. Be the last to talk and be humble.
  • Responsible -make people feel safe under your charge personally & professionally; especially emotionally: Go directly to people for their stories and use your ears to listen rather than hear because you likely heard something from someone not doing their work nor walking their walk.
  • Recalibration because it was never measured, needs to be measured and will help us figure out where to go next Responsibly.
  • And then there is Removal because sometimes something or someone needs to go away such that the businesses, careers, and relationships’ general well being are the reflection of my and our highest self and best work.

Wishing every single person amazing grace, true health and better than they expect or deserve no matter their station in life in 2022.
~ Adrienne A. Wallace: Global VP of Internal Marketing and Communications at SiriusPoint

My prediction for Diversity & Inclusion trends in 2022 is that Diversity Departments & Diversity Influencer marketing will be held accountable for delivering business results that every other business function is held accountable for on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
What get’s measured get’s done!!
Targeted and measurable programs that consistently push for how do we get better? The corporate diversity team should be able to answer what metrics can the department impact?  organic reach, conversion to leads, sales, talent pipeline development across departments, time to hire, qualified candidates per hire, etc..
~ Fields Jackson, Jr.: CEO, Chief Cheerleader & Talent Scout at Racing Toward Diversity magazine

While entering a new year is always a circumstance that brings new perspectives, it is towards the future that we must look beyond all dimensions and divisions in order to relearn how to live all together. No human gaze can, of course, penetrate the future, which remains full of the unknown and mystery, everyone free to take pleasure in dressing it in the most promising colors. For my part, accustomed to considering in all things the positive and encouraging aspect that they can present, I rejoice in this gift that is life to remain serene and confident, in the face of what divine Providence has in store for us. in reserve, sorrows as well as joys. I wish you a Happy New Year 2022 for you and all of your loved ones.
~ L.B.: Mentor, Dweebs Global

I recently transitioned from higher education into a secondary school level, so I have seen diversity on multiple levels in the past few years. A trend that I am constantly seeing on both levels is the willingness of students to stand up claim their space. While I have seen a higher level of parent involvement and, at times, intrusion, students have been courageous in speaking their minds and claiming their educational experience.
I foresee diversity professionals in education becoming more involved in students’ home life, negotiating differences between unaware parents and students who have been empowered. These discussions will stretch from racial issues to matters of sexual orientation, and professionals will have to discern when to participate in such conversations.
~ Brodrick Thomas: Director of Diversity, Community, and Inclusion at an independent school in Nashville

I see 2022 as a year of reconnecting to a greater purpose together, diversity and inclusion being an integral feature as we learn how to work together better in reframing our business, communication and sustainability efforts. The key feature will be a shift in the personal engagements that start with sense making and leadership best practices leaning into aspects of vulnerability that haven’t been achieved to date, except in rare instances with companies putting internal customers health and well-being first. I see highly qualified facilitators being invited to initiate internal conversations that imbue mission and vision directives with a greater sense of community and adjustment to agile business development that includes environment and social responsibilities as well as providing psychological safety for sharing more intimate concerns among coworkers and leadership.
~Zen Benefiel: Transformational Coach & Consulting, Be the Dream LLC

My thoughts: In the course of 2022, it is necessary to cling to the knowledge that diversity and inclusion are the only way to save ourselves from COVID, in fact only united in fighting the virus by breaking down the barriers that still divide people with prejudices and falsehoods can we hope for a different and better world, especially by helping those who do not have the weapons, such as the vaccine and the cures, especially the poor countries in the way giving aid from rich countries such as Europe and the US.
~ Pierfrancesco Del Gracco: Management Consultant / Rome, Italy

Having spent the last of Q3 to all Q4 in a full-on battle with CoVid, my thoughts are unless people stop taking political sides and start listening for themselves the stories of people who have actually walked through the doors of CoVid, we will never get past the revolving influxes of mutated versions of this virus.
I hear people on both sides of the aisle adamantly state their cases with facts and figures, including so much passion and commitment. However, having spent three months and counting in this battle with the virus up close and personal, I know there is no one on either side who wants to go through what I have experienced nor anyone r who wants their loved ones to share in this experience. I listen as other countries enlist strategies that work….by working for resolve together.
Then, I listen to people who have no general idea of how bad it can really get…and I am sadden. I got vaccinated because I already know how my body responds without it…I had to be resuscitated. I came too close to leaving my three young adults motherless.  Something I, myself, have navigated since 1968 when my own mom succumbed to the Hong Flu pandemic. History almost repeated itself…but I am glad I have lived to tell people to extract the politics and listen to what people who have survived it say as they are still fighting for some level of normalcy.
~ Linda Murray Bullard: Chief Business Strategist at LSMB Business Solutions, LLC


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