Freedom and Feudalism

Freedom and Feudalism in the U.S. – by Debasish Majumdar

I just love the U.S. I have no desire to visit there, but I am thrilled by their homeland history where feudalism was eclipsed by the  American struggle for independence, where from slavery there was an elevation, to a capitalist economy which paved the way to become an epitome of Justice, Liberty and Fraternity.

But, of late, the essence of feudal vices being emanated from their very core of social life is a grave concern for all who love freedom and liberty. I am worried that it may lose their pristine essence of the land of liberty, for which many aspire to embark upon.

Across the world there is an emergence of an ambiance of hostility and intolerance and the U.S. is also becoming prey to such infamy where the voices of dissent are being gagged. I am afraid that feudalism is so deeply ingrained in this society where freedom is upheld as the only paradigm to be emulated.

Presently, the emergence of crony capitalism and brazen nepotism is the cause of discontent and anger across the world. By virtue of social media and digital media they are making their dominant presence across the world and the adverse impact is causing a mass hysteria and beckoning disaster to humanity that is a major threat to world community. Developed and developing nations are all prone to the infamy of social media and new media.

I am in quandary as to whether internet is a boon or bane. By virtue of the internet, numerous insane people are making cacophony and surprisingly, many are falling into the prey to their fiendish devises. But, how has the U.S., a land of opportunity somersaulted into a land of insecurity? People are feeling petrified to be deported at any moment. The U.S. forgot that many immigrants dedicated to its well-being and many Nobel Laureates are from the outside world. They delivered their services for the U.S. as torch bearers for humanity and thus gained distinction across the world. Their vision and mission were well regarded during the Second World War. They introduced the mechanism for peace and the United Nations became a front line proponent of world peace. Unfortunately it has become moribund now.

The positive role played by the U.S. cannot be overlooked. But, presently the ambiance is not at all favorable for the humanists to work. We are experiencing the detrimental effect of administrative mechanisms that eclipse the ordinary people with their lofty ideals, while having no ground in reality and only having the potential to cause mayhem. I must express my solidarity with and, of course, offer kudos to those brave hearts who are working tirelessly to uphold the flame of humanity in adverse circumstances including when weather is so hostile to them.)

As we try to unveil the enigma of nature by virtue of science and technology, is nature expressing her anger by making us utterly helpless? Is nature having a vindictive attitude towards  human endeavors to dominate her?  As we try to advance ourselves by obliterating many woods and rivers, we  bring anomaly and imbalance into our ecosystem, resulting tumultuous situations.We are now suspended in an ecosystem, where greed is engulfing us, making us literally blind, not allowing us to ponder the majority and their livelihood.


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