From Xenophobe to Xenophile – by Mary Angela Moore

China from Mary “Angela” Moore’s Lenses


“The lenses of mass media as the sole window to the outside world is detrimental to the way we perceive our fellow Earthlings. Somehow, It can burn bridges more than build them.”
“大眾媒體的鏡頭作為通往外界的唯一窗口,對我們認識地球人的方式是不利的。 不知何故,它可以燃燒橋樑而不是建造它們。“

With mass media’s accolade: “No news is good news” what do we expect? Prior to my actual “travel-lecture-adventure” to Indonesia and Muslim-Mindanao I was Islamophobic,meaning I was unappreciative of Islam. After my lectures on those places, I became Islamophilic, meaning that I had developed a new found appreciation for Islam. Before I went to Africa I was Negrophobic, which in my case meant that I had a fear of black people. After training one hundred or so African youth leaders in Uganda last year, I came home Negrophilic – having developed a new appreciation for black people and their interests. Recently, after visiting China, my Xenophobia – fear of China and its population was transformed into Xenophilia – love for China and its population.

大眾傳媒的榮譽:“沒有新聞是好消息”我們期待什麼? 在我對印度尼西亞和穆斯林棉蘭老島的實際“旅行 – 演講 – 冒險”之前,我是伊斯蘭恐懼症。 在我講完這些地方後,我成了伊斯蘭教徒,這意味著我對伊斯蘭教有了新的認識。 在我去非洲之前,我是憎惡的,在我的情況下,這意味著我害怕黑人。 去年在烏干達培訓了大約一百名非洲青年領導人之後,我回到了家裡,對黑人和他們的興趣產生了新的欣賞。 最近,在訪問中國後,我的仇外心理 – 對中國及其人口的恐懼轉變為了對中國及其人口的熱愛。

Indeed, blessed are those who, like most of us are given the opportunity to see the world anew from our own experiences.

Prior to my trip, I must admit telling my American friend, an expat in China that I won’t step out of the airport with a Chinese person for fear that if I make any mistake, I might be pushed to a giant wok of boiling oil and fry me to death. No exaggeration. That was the precise image I had about China: ruthless boogie men. Kudos to the angel who made my China trip possible, Dr. Brendon Fox. I think it’s worth mentioning that he did go a few extra miles to convince me to take the trip. In spite of Dr. Fox’s reassurance, I still made several attempts to cancel my flight. But every time I tried, my Internet connection went berserk and froze my PC. That happened several times so it became apparent to me that China was predestined and that it was time for me to discover China personally.

在我旅行之前,我必須承認告訴我的美國朋友,在中國的外籍人士,我不會帶著中國人走出機場,因為擔心如果我犯了任何錯誤,我可能會被推到一個沸騰的大鍋裡 油炸我死了。 毫不誇張。 這就是我對中國的準確形象:無情的布吉人。 對於使我的中國旅行成為可能的天使,感謝Brendon Fox博士。 我認為值得一提的是,他確實多花了幾英里來說服我去旅行。 儘管福克斯博士再次保證,我還是多次嘗試取消我的航班。 但每次我嘗試,我的互聯網連接都發狂了,凍結了我的電腦。 這種情況發生了好幾次,所以我很清楚中國是注定的,現在是我親自發現中國的時候了。

Though I was convinced that the trip was to connect some dots in my life, I was still cautious, – a weird feeling of excitement, a tinge of creepiness, and fear for my life took hold. I packed my cheapest business clothes, cheapest footwear, and cheapest suitcase night before the trip. I packed this way because I was warned that I should beware of Chinese mafia roaming around the airports.
雖然我確信這次旅行是為了連接我生活中的一些點,但我仍然保持謹慎, – 一種奇怪的興奮感,一種蠕動,以及對我生命的恐懼。 我在旅行前打包了最便宜的商務服裝,最便宜的鞋子和最便宜的行李箱。 我這樣包裝是因為我被警告說我應該提防中國黑手黨在機場周圍漫遊。

ChineseWhen the day finally came, I boarded the plane to Guangzhou, and after an hour and a half, I finally set foot on the center of the Silk Road.


From television programs, I heard that the mainland Chinese were impolite, weird, ruthless, cheaters, rude, and uncivilized. H O W E V E R…

從電視節目中,我聽說中國大陸人是不禮貌的,怪異的,無情的,欺騙者,粗魯的,不文明的。 H O W E V E R…

My experience was the following: The moment I landed in Guangzhou, I ALREADY STARTED to FALL in LOVE with the CHINESE people. Aside from the sickening walk of almost 6 kilometers back and forth the airport due to change of boarding gates and change of flight schedules, everything was smooth. The airport personnel were polite, and fellow passengers were helpful. A word of thanks goes to China Southern Airlines for the five-hour nap in a nearby hotel while waiting for our flight which was delayed for five hours due to an uncooperative weather. At around 5:40, we were able to board for Zhengzhou.

我的經歷如下:在我登陸廣州的那一刻,我已經開始愛上中國人了。 由於登機口改變和航班時刻表的變化,機場前後近6公里的令人作嘔的步行,一切順利。 機場人員很有禮貌,其他乘客也很樂於助人。 感謝中國南方航空公司在附近的一家酒店打了五個小時的小睡,等待我們的航班因天氣不合作而延誤了五個小時。 大約5點40分,我們登上了鄭州。

I arrived in Zhengzhou, met my American friend in the airport and together we took a “DiDi” (Chinese Uber) to the university where the event was to be held.


ChineseFrom Day One when I met the student ambassador and my translator up to the last day, I felt the same free flowing acceptance, coupled with love energy spiced up with sincerity that floated freely around everyone and everywhere I went in Xinzheng at Sias University. From the students on campus, to the villagers, to the city stores, down to the cab drivers, and to the cleaners; everyone was polite, hospitable, and kind. To say that the students were sweet is an understatement. They’re one of a kind.
從第一天開始,當我遇到學生大使和我的翻譯直到最後一天時,我感受到了同樣自由流動的接受,再加上充滿愛心的能量,在我和西亞斯大學新鄭的每一個地方隨處可見。 從校園裡的學生,到村民,到城市商店,到出租車司機,到清潔工; 每個人都很有禮貌,好客,善良。 說學生們是甜蜜的是輕描淡寫。 他們是獨一無二的。

Though physically I was feeling exhausted and sick ( I don’t know why) my gut was feeling the warmth of everyone. “My body was wilting from pain and exhaustion but my spirit was overjoyed. Also grateful to my friend Dr. Brendon Fox for his care. The new Chinese friends and Dr. Fox kept me going all throughout the trip.
雖然身體上我感到疲憊和生病(我不知道為什麼),但我的內心卻感受到了每個人的溫暖。 “我的身體因痛苦和疲憊而萎靡不振,但我的精神卻高興極了。 也感謝我的朋友Brendon Fox博士的關心。 新的中國朋友和福克斯博士讓我在整個旅程中一路走來。


China is the Italy of Asia in terms of culinary expertise. However, there are numerous counter literature by the press: dogs, snakes, human fetus, creepy insects, and lizards are among the favorite delicacies in China. Scarier than that was the proliferation of synthetic eggs,rice, vegetables, and meat that are hazardous to one’s digestive system. Not only that but the scariest among all these food tales was to watch out of substandard kitchen sanitation: cockroaches floating in your soup or maggots swimming in your noodles. Gross!

就烹飪專業知識而言,中國是亞洲的意大利。 然而,媒體有許多反文獻:狗,蛇,人類胎兒,令人毛骨悚然的昆蟲和蜥蜴是中國最受歡迎的美食之一。 比這更令人擔憂的是合成雞蛋,大米,蔬菜和肉類的繁殖對人體的消化系統有害。 不僅如此,而且所有這些食物中最可怕的是要注意不合標準的廚房衛生:蟑螂漂浮在湯中或蛆蟲在你的麵條中游泳。 毛!

Upon arrival I told myself not to eat anything outside of the International university’s cafeteria where food is served to the foreign employees. I thought it would be safe for me to eat that way. True enough, I only ate inside and refused to eat out.
抵達後,我告訴自己不要在國際大學的自助餐廳外面吃任何東西,在那裡向外國員工提供食物。 我覺得這樣吃是安全的。 確實如此,我只在裡面吃東西而拒絕外出就餐。

Food and culture

On the fifth day however, there was a tour to a small village about 30 minutes away from the international university where we were housed. That village offered me a cultural immersion to the real Chinese folk life. Under the scorching heat of a spring sun we hopped from one place to another. That was mean, I thought. But I can’t complain, the founder of the NGO that brought me to China was an older woman but able to walk around without any umbrella, and still looked robust. She’s energy herself. (Folk culture will be Part 2 of this series.)

然而,在第五天,我們去了一個距離我們所在的國際大學約30分鐘路程的小村莊。 那個村莊讓我對真正的中國民俗生活有了文化沉浸感。 在陽光燦爛的炎炎烈日下,我們從一個地方跳到另一個地方。 那是意思,我想。 但是我不能抱怨,把我帶到中國的非政府組織的創始人是一個年長的女人,但能夠在沒有傘的情況下四處走動,看起來仍然健壯。 她自己很有活力。 (民間文化將是這篇文章的第2部分。)

After that field trip, Chinese food was served in tin plates and in makeshift classroom inside a village kindergarten school. Peanuts and fruits were on the table when we entered the room. Steamed rice, being China’s staple food was passed next. Then sautéed greens, dumplings and other recipes followed. Upon seeing the food, I thought I would choose to starve. But looking around, seeing the hostesses and hosts warmth and sincerity, I decided to partake of the food for courtesy’s sake. Nibbling while my eyes on the bowl, I made sure I did not eat maggots or flies nor roaches. Down to the last bite I saw no crawling nor slimy insects. As to the taste, it was not top notch but since I ate in reciprocation to the warmth of our hosts, I felt overjoyed to see their eyes glow with glee as they saw us enjoy the food they prepared.

在那次實地考察之後,中國菜在鐵皮盤和村莊幼兒園學校的臨時教室裡供應。 當我們進入房間時,花生和水果在桌子上。 作為中國主食的蒸米飯接下來通過了。 然後是炒後的蔬菜,餃子和其他食譜。 看到食物後,我想我會選擇餓死。 但環顧四周,看到禮儀小姐和主持人的熱情和誠意,我決定為了禮貌而分享食物。 我睜著眼睛盯著碗,我確信我沒有吃蛆蟲,也沒有吃蟑螂和蟑螂。 直到最後一口,我看到沒有爬行或粘糊糊的昆蟲。 至於味道,它不是頂級的,但是因為我吃了東道主的溫暖回報,看到我們享受他們準備的食物,我看到他們的眼睛高興地看著我感到非常高興。

Having eaten the first Chinese food in China, I can say that Chinese food is basically just the same kind of food I had eaten in all the countries I visited. It is not anachronistic. I think it is safe to say that all cuisines are similar. They just vary in cooking style, name, or ingredients. But basically, they’re so similar.

在中國吃了第一道中國菜,我可以說中國菜基本上和我去過的所有國家吃過的食物都差不多。 這不是不合時宜的。 我認為可以說所有的菜餚都很相似。 它們的烹飪風格,名稱或成分各不相同。 但基本上,它們非常相似。

ChineseThe next stop was the noodle restaurant within the same village. The owner, a businesswoman who also owns a dried date and plum factory was enthusiastic to share her restaurant’s authentic noodle recipe.So, I ate! Did I like it? Watch the video below and see if it was good.

下一站是同一村莊內的麵館。 店主,一位同時擁有乾棗和梅花工廠的女商人熱情地分享她餐廳的正宗麵條食譜。所以,我吃了! 我喜歡它嗎? 觀看下面的視頻,看看它是否合適。

No roaches floating, no maggots crawling, no slimy worms…. pure clean food. Though it was not my favorite, it was decent comfort food.

沒有漂浮的蟑螂,沒有蛆蟲爬行,沒有粘糊糊的蠕蟲……. 純淨的食物。 雖然不是我最喜歡的,但這是一種體面的舒適食物。

Prior to the noodle house, we savored on gastronomic dried dates and nuts straight from the factory. It was a taste gallery of multifarious nuts and dried plums and dates of different varieties. I like the natural milky taste of the nuts. Though I am not much into dates and plums, I ate all those for the nutritional value. Courtesy of the factory owner, we all went home with a bag full of those products, and it is good to tell the world that my fellow delegates and I did not see any crawling insect in each pack.

在麵館之前,我們直接從工廠品嚐美食乾棗和堅果。 這是一個各種各樣的堅果和李子和不同品種的日期的味道畫廊。 我喜歡堅果的天然乳白味道。 雖然我對棗和李子的關注度不高,但是我吃了所有這些都是為了營養價值。 由工廠老闆友情提供,我們都帶著一個裝滿這些產品的袋子回家了,告訴全世界我和我的代表們並沒有看到每個包裝中都有爬蟲。

The cocktail party by the Chinese Garden

ChineseIt was about 4:00 in the afternoon when refreshing drinks and canapés elegantly served in cocktail tables blended well with the The Chinese Garden. The authentic oriental ambience was exhilarating. It was purely graceful and serene.

Soft winds blowing above, river gently running below us while we sipped wine, nibbled canapés as we went around and met new acquaintances from around the world. The wine and cocktails as well as the canapés tasted like any other around the world. Nothing weird, nothing new. All went well.

下午4點左右,雞尾酒桌上的清涼飲料和小吃優雅地與中國花園融為一體。 真正的東方氛圍令人振奮。 它純粹優雅而寧靜。

當我們啜飲葡萄酒時,上面吹著柔和的風,河水在我們下面輕輕地流淌,當我們四處尋找來自世界各地的新朋友時,我們啃著小吃。 葡萄酒和雞尾酒以及小吃的味道與世界上任何其他品嚐的一樣。 沒什麼奇怪的,沒什麼新鮮的。 一切順利。

The Banquet:

ChineseThe sixth day was the welcome banquet where we were treated with a real grand Chinese “regalia.” From the grand entrance to the banquet hall was a jaw dropping array of Chinese cultural elegance with a grand replica of its ancient heritage. Fused with the modern Chinese touch, the banquet was a party of elegance par excellence. Violins on stage, synchronized movements of the food attendants, flashy clothes of Chinese elegance characterized the luncheon meeting. The food was a fusion of Chinese-Western. Though it was a far cry from an original Chinese banquet in big hotels and restaurants, the grilled fish, the salad, the wine and the desserts tasted decent and classy. I had no complaints.
第六天是歡迎宴會,我們受到了真正的盛大中國“王權”的歡迎。從盛大的入口到宴會廳,中國文化的優雅與古老遺產的複製品相映成趣。 宴會融合了現代中式風格,是一場優雅的優雅派對。 舞台上的小提琴,食物服務員的同步動作,中國優雅的華麗衣服是午餐會的特色。 食物是中西融合。 雖然它與大型酒店和餐館的原創中式宴會相差甚遠,但烤魚,沙拉,葡萄酒和甜點品嚐得體和優雅。 我沒有抱怨。

To top it off –

ChineseNo snakes! No human fetuses! No dog meat! No lizards! No stinky oil and no cockroaches! No fake rice, no plastic veggies, no plastic eggs! No floating roaches, no swimming maggots!

I came home with so much love from the students. My WeChat has been so enjoyable seeing all the friends I left in China.

I was not pushed into a giant wok of boiling oil. I was pushed into a giant well of great adventure with great people.

(Special thanks to Dr. Brendon Fox and Jerrie Ueberle for the invitation and allowing me to serve the Chinese through my public speaking.)

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Mary Angela Moore

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. Just as a note about the food section: The claim that plastic rice and human fetus are consumed in China are based on rumours and unverified reports. Snopes has a few articles on it.

  2. A comprehensive introduction to China, The perspective introduced by the teacher is also unique, Lively and interesting, I often take the teacher’s class. I like it very much, A book worth reading

  3. It’s amazing! I haven’t been to other countries, yet. I could have the feeling of living abroad indirectly thanks to you!

  4. I enjoyed reading this Article, I’ve felt it like I was with you with your whole trip to China. Very detailed ?

    Congratulations and Thank you for sharing this to us Mam Mary

  5. Had the same thoughts about China and the people. Upon reading your article, I believe now that you really have to see it to believe it, Miss Mary!

    Definitely adding China to my bucket list of Countries!!!

  6. Dear, thank you! I have read all the content, my emotions are very complicated in every part, I am very excited, I still remember the first sight I saw you, because you are the last guest to arrive, in the morning of the village tour project So I have been waiting for you, and I am looking forward to it. I saw your first sight. I immediately said something in my heart, wow! Really nice! I feel that we have known each other very early. It is really the feeling of seeing each other. In the car, we also said each other’s ideas. I really understand the idea, because I can understand your thoughts before I arrive in Bangladesh. I am also full of prejudice against it, but then my experience, their enthusiasm also deeply infected me, I am really lucky that we met again in this life, I believe in fate, I believe in the arrangement of heaven, we It’s a long time to reunite. I have too many complicated relationship feelings for you. I read all your content. This article reports that I am really excited. Thank you for coming to China. Thank you for meeting us. Thank you for your new ideas in China, I love you.

    1. Hi Candy,

      You are one of those ladies who made my stay in China worthwhile. You are so hot! Souls mates forever


  7. I’m glad to have heard your lecture.Different countries have their own cultures, and we have to respect them for better or worse. When you really understand the humanities of this country and region, you may have a new understanding of them. I hope we can all be accompanied by the beauty of life.

    1. Hi Sadie,

      I am so glad that you learned from my lecture. I wish to see you again, sweet lady.

      Your idea about respecting cultures is so exact. Thank you for your comment. It is so inspiring.


    1. Hi Bro,

      Someday, we will get to see this place as we can hopefully open a Rotaractor Club here.



  8. The information from books, TV, and movies are never accurate. Different people have different perception to the things they interact with. It is so nice that you have the first-hand experience and have direct interaction with Chinese.

    It is kind of scare since there are so many negative aspects about China appearing in the media, such as crime, pollution, and food safety etc. It is apparently that you don’t face any of these situations. As a protected guest, you may not see the negative site of the society. It is so nice you have so much positive experience in China and you should visit China more.

  9. Wow! the detail makes makes me feel like I am experiencing this journey with you. It’s amazing the things we experience when we set out to explorer the unfamiliar and many times unknown. I am looking forward to reading part two. Thank you for sharing this with us and thanks to you amazing host.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      I will also write about your wonderful country after this series. Let’s meet again. I was so touched by your graciousness.

      Thank you for the encouraging comment. It will surely inspire me to write some more.


    1. Thank you for the comment, Jim. Yes, the trip was an eye opener and an exotic experience.

  10. 看完这个内容之后我非常有感触,谢谢您对我们的评价。其实我第一次见到您的时候非常紧张,不敢和您进行交流。但是跟您接触之后我发现您真的超级好,像妈妈一样对待我们,我真的超级喜欢您,喜欢外国人。我觉得您们每一个外国嘉宾都非常友好。希望更多的外国人可以来中国参观。

    1. 甜言蜜語。 你是善良和愛的,這就是為什麼你也吸引著好人。 永遠保持善良,以便祝你好運。 愛你。

  11. 如果你有机会能真正地走出来,无论是国界还是边界,你都会发现很多得到很多学到很多。很多东西我们都是从别人的眼中看到或者了解到的,所以,走出去,文化是要自己感受的,中国欢迎友人的到来?

    1. 是的,我對你說的是你出去旅行,沉浸在別人的文化中。 永遠敞開心扉,讓我們得到愛的回報。 我們吸引著我們。 朋友,我愛你。

    1. You are amazing. You played a big role on my first impression about China because you and Hannah were the very first sweet ladies I met. Upon seeing you and Hannah, it gave me the confidence to meet other Chinese. I will forever keep you in my heart.

    2. It is amazing, I also could change my mind about China after reading this article. Thank you for work!

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